Friends are going to WDW 2/19 & 2/21

I just spent the super bowl helping them set up MDE, picking park days, buying tickets, and finding fastpasses.

These same friends did a single day at DHS two years ago and rode theee rides and did JTA and had dinner. (Somehow they got the last slot of the day for JTA…)

They are just spending one day at AK and one had EP. Their FP+ are sort of sad, but at least they won’t be waiting in line for Tough to Be a Bug… :frowning:️:astonished:

She just kept saying, “I could never have done this,” and “Why is it so complicated?”

That’s my good WDW deed for the year…


I hope they have a blast anyway. They are the sweetest people.


I can’t imagine the disappointment people feel when they go to Disney with no plan. Those lines are definitely not magical.
Hopefully they’ll have a great time even though all the good fp at AK were gone. That’s a hard park to plan late for.

My friend kept saying, “How would I have known to do this?” and “How did you learn all this.”

It’s so complicated. There is nothing else that compares to it, vacation wise.