Friends and Family list question (ROTR)

Going back this January, staying at the Poly, but this time my MIL will be coming up from St. Pete and will crash in our room the last 2 days. I had my DVC renter add her to the reservation and she is now on my F&F list. She will NOT be going to any of the parks so she won’t need tickets or park reservations. With her on my list without tickets or reservations, will that affect anything with trying to get a BG for ROTR? I went on MDE at 7am today to practice and she was there on my list. Thanks in advance for the advice or help!!

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Not at all. She will be on your list, but only those with a HS park reservation and ticket will be “auto-checked”. From everything I’ve seen/heard, it makes no difference how many people are on your list as it relates to getting a BG. If you still had to manually check those that would be going, it would be a different story, but the auto-checking by MDE alleviates that. My kids were on my list when just DW and I were there, but it checked the two of us correctly and we got a good BG.


Great, thank you so much for the info!!