Friday August 15th honorary Steve1 Countdown Thread

Good morning Liners, TGIF! 43 days til I get to have Fish & Chips with a pint! How many days and what experience tells you, “I’m here!”


Morning @JustTimmy, morning all. I think for me its when the town car pulls up in front of POFQ to drop us off. It screams to me that “Im here, Im home”.


Morning @JustTimmy, @just1more and everyone else

2 days for me although the vacation starts tomorrow with the long drive to the airport for an overnight stay.

I know “i’m here” when I see the kids eyes go wide with excitement. It can happen anywhere between the bus from the airport and the hotel.

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Morning. 29 for me. This is one time I don’t want it to be 29 and holding

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Good morning @JustTimmy & everyone! I start the drive from NY tomorrow! Walking down Main St towards the Castle lets me know I’m home :sunny:

Good morning neighbor-fo-one-more-day! Who’s accompanying you on this trip?

Taking DD21 back to school in VA tomorrow then the rest of the week it’s just DW & I! :wink: #yeahbaby


The girls are allowing this? :slight_smile:


Wow @Just1, I didn’t think that town car drivers were allowed to get that excited. :slight_smile:


Single digits! Finally!

I know I’m there when I see the purple road signs and really get excited when I see the big walt disney world banner across the road. I can not wait!

Yay for single digits! I love the excitement on the DME when we come to the gate!

Good morning all. Waking up in Indy again. More characters at Gencon than WDW. Got to see a car being tested on the Indy speedway. Walked 12.4 miles yesterday. @justTimmy, I will toast you from POFQ with a Hurricane, one of my favorite WDW drinks. Safe travels all, play safe.

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Good morning, @JustTimmy, good morning everyone! Just 4 to go (and two of those are a weekend)! One week from today I’ll be waiting for entry to DHS for some rides, some Muppets, and some Frozen fun! Riding under that welcome sign will be the time I know I’ve arrived!

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Happy Friday everyone! 119 days or 17 weeks for us! Probably seeing the castle from Main St is what gives me that “I’m really here” feeling :slight_smile:

15 days until we leave, 16 until we arrive!!! Passing through the Gate and waving to Mickey means we are home!

90 days for me - 3 months from today, I will be on a bus heading to Animal Kingdom (If I don’t change up the schedule between now and then). :slight_smile: Happy Friday everyone!

Good morning all, 210 and 309 for us. Last weekend before back to school which means back to work for me.

1! One! ONE! :smiley: year. :frowning:

Well, at least tomorrow I get to say that I’ll be back home in less than a year!

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67 for me and it comes in stages: MCO, arriving on the property, and finally walking down main street and seeing the castle, always brings the pixie dust

A week from today, we will be at MK for our first full day in the parks! It’s five days left until we leave.