Friday August 15th honorary Steve1 Countdown Thread

Good morning Liners, TGIF! 43 days til I get to have Fish & Chips with a pint! How many days and what experience tells you, "I'm here!"


Morning @JustTimmy, morning all. I think for me its when the town car pulls up in front of POFQ to drop us off. It screams to me that "Im here, Im home".


Morning @JustTimmy, @just1more and everyone else

2 days for me although the vacation starts tomorrow with the long drive to the airport for an overnight stay.

I know "i'm here" when I see the kids eyes go wide with excitement. It can happen anywhere between the bus from the airport and the hotel.

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Morning. 29 for me. This is one time I don't want it to be 29 and holding

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Good morning @JustTimmy & everyone! I start the drive from NY tomorrow! Walking down Main St towards the Castle lets me know I'm home sunny

Good morning neighbor-fo-one-more-day! Who's accompanying you on this trip?

Taking DD21 back to school in VA tomorrow then the rest of the week it's just DW & I! wink #yeahbaby


The girls are allowing this? smile


Wow @Just1, I didn't think that town car drivers were allowed to get that excited. smile


Single digits! Finally!

I know I'm there when I see the purple road signs and really get excited when I see the big walt disney world banner across the road. I can not wait!

Yay for single digits! I love the excitement on the DME when we come to the gate!

Good morning all. Waking up in Indy again. More characters at Gencon than WDW. Got to see a car being tested on the Indy speedway. Walked 12.4 miles yesterday. @justTimmy, I will toast you from POFQ with a Hurricane, one of my favorite WDW drinks. Safe travels all, play safe.

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Good morning, @JustTimmy, good morning everyone! Just 4 to go (and two of those are a weekend)! One week from today I'll be waiting for entry to DHS for some rides, some Muppets, and some Frozen fun! Riding under that welcome sign will be the time I know I've arrived!

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Happy Friday everyone! 119 days or 17 weeks for us! Probably seeing the castle from Main St is what gives me that "I'm really here" feeling smile

15 days until we leave, 16 until we arrive!!! Passing through the Gate and waving to Mickey means we are home!

90 days for me - 3 months from today, I will be on a bus heading to Animal Kingdom (If I don't change up the schedule between now and then). smile Happy Friday everyone!

Good morning all, 210 and 309 for us. Last weekend before back to school which means back to work for me.

1! One! ONE! smiley year. frowning

Well, at least tomorrow I get to say that I'll be back home in less than a year!

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67 for me and it comes in stages: MCO, arriving on the property, and finally walking down main street and seeing the castle, always brings the pixie dust

A week from today, we will be at MK for our first full day in the parks! It's five days left until we leave.