Friday Aug 29. HELLO


Morning all. Today brings me to just 44 days to returning to my spiritual home. And it's Friday, so have a good weekend


Good morning Steve. You must be so excited getting that close.


Good morning Steve . Y'all have a great weekend!


@just1more it does seem rather close now.


Good morning @steve1 and liners. Have to get through work today. Enjoy the long weekend.


Good morning @Steve1 and Good morning Liners,TGIF! 29 days til Brerfox & Brerbear get to toss me into the briarpatch!


Good morning @Steve1 and everyone!
Just 6 days left for me! Can't believe it's less than a week.
And what do I wake up to today? Another eruption from the volcano in Iceland, yet again threatening our flight next week.
I swear I'm going crazy worrying about this..
Crazy day at work as well. But I'll just keep thinking happy thoughts about beeing in WDW (this time next week! Yay!) and hope for the best!
Have a great day!


53 Good morning everyone! @JustTimmy Splash I've done twice. I hate being wet & the drop at the end ruins my stomach for about an hour.


Hey y'all I'm at 34! Still need to figure out costume for MNSSHP!


Good morning! 66. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself after this trip. It's a good thing Thanksgiving and Christmas follow closely after it.


We are looking forward to Splash, we have timed our past two trips when Splash is being cleaned. Can't wait to return to our laughing place!


@akershus, hopefully Iceland is just blowing off some steam , my fingers are crossed for clear skies for your trip!


Woohoo in the 40s! 49 days to mnsshp... Need to start my Minnie costume ASAP! Happy Friday liners!


28! It can't come quick enough.....


Said no one ever, unless they're talking about a Disney Countdown. smile

Good morning @Steve1. Good morning Linahville! FIFTEEN! And just 5 until school starts! It should fly by now. I hope everyone has a great 3 day weekend!


Good morning 232 frowning


8 DAYS! 8 DAYS! (That's me in my Animal voice yelling as loud as I can, because, after all, I only have 8 DAYS!)


Good morning all! A very long 275 days for me. Oh well, at least it's under a year!


Good morning all, 53 days for me. I too am looking forward to Splash, last time I was there the sound system was off for most of the ride.


70 and 392 for me! Super excited to try F&W. Currently have room booked at Pop, but looked to see if Swalphin was available. D was $247 per night 9 (plus resort fee and parking fee) and S was all sold out for my dates! boo.