I won’t to do a trip report, cuz I’ve never done one (I guess this is one? ) and I didn’t take a lot of pictures (and my DH forbids me sharing pics w/ him on internet) plus everyone else is MUCH better at taking pics than me. I took a bunch of the castle. Let’s start there: in person I do not like the ‘pink’, the blue and gold is ok, but the pink looks like the color of the stuff that custodians throw down to pick up barf on a school floor; blech. It looked better with my shades on than w/o the tint too; IMO.

Masks: I observed 99.9% compliance (unscientific). Of the three instances of ppl NOT wearing masks as directed only 1 of 3 were corrected by a CM. 1. One guy blatantly sitting w/o one at a table. Launch Pad Refreshments (closed) outside of Space Mtn. everyone other person at a table had masks on. A CM walked by, saw, remained silent. 2. Saw a father daughter walking and eating, heard the BIG voice say “eating while stationary” and a mgr walked by them (I knew they were mgmt. cuz they weren’t wearing a ‘uniform’) and said nothing. At that point I thought, if a mgr won’t enforce mask policies I can’t expect a regular CM to do it. 3. While waiting to load the ferry boat a younger member of a family had a mask below the nose… CM “Please pull your mask up to cover your nose, thank you” and compliance. 1 out of 3 CM enforcement isn’t good IMO. BUT masks off wasn’t a norm either.

Crowds: I was a bit disappointed with the crowd size after seeing all the lovely empty pics from others. Yet, it was still much less crowed than it would normally be at this point in the year. A young dad up from Miami asked to share a shady spot with me and we chatted about the crowds. He too had friends share pics of empty parks on Thursday and was a bit disappointed for the day’s crowds (Friday).

Lines: Sweet low wait times! BooYa! We did not ask for a DAS pass since I can handle a 20 min wait. My DS went on Space Mtn alone and told us that he had to tell the ppl behind him to “Back the F%#* up!” Yes, I’m sure he used those exact words… he doesn’t mince words when annoyed. He said they stayed on their markings after that and did not crowd him again. Yes, I have to remind my DS about ‘language’ all the time at Disney. I tell him this is a PG place. When I say ‘Language’ he tells me “It’s English Mom” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: He really is a good kid. I am lucky to actually like all four of my children…language and all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Food/Heat: I put these two together cuz when it’s SO hot I have NO appetite. HOT, it was F-ing HOT (sorry… for the English, it was that hot. …hmmm that’s where he gets it from :rofl:). 99 degrees, too hot for us, in FL. We just moved from 6 years living in the high desert where 115 degrees is common. I’ve said this many times (not to you all) I’ll take 110 degrees in the desert any day over 75 degrees in Florida! Arid vs. humidity. We didn’t move here for the weather. Due to the heat we left the park early; we just couldn’t handle it. 15 years ago, we said we’d never visit WDW in summer again. Well… we are going to wait for cooler temps to visit again.

Parking: APs get free parking but we paid $25 for premium. Even if we hadn’t the lot wasn’t anything near full as it would be at this time of year last year. And it’s a shorter walk at WDW than it is at Universal. The Premium Parking, we paid for was a wise purchase has we dragged our way out of the park before the daily afternoon thundershower. Less than an hour drive home near the Atlantic and 11 degrees cooler our pool was a joy.

Confession: Cuz I know no one here will judge or scold me… (really please don’t cuz I’m perturbed enough about it myself). I have an AP but my DS/H’s have expired. APs cannot get same day park reservations only resort and ticket holders (so wrong). I am in peak season for my job and planning out two weeks isn’t really feasible. Friday morning, I checked my calendar and I only had 1 internal meeting that I could easily reschedule so HOOKY DAY was here. But the park reservation system… Since I had to buy my DS/H a ticket I bought one for myself too. It irks me that I already have an AP but to get into the park on the same day I would need to buy a ticket. They have a REALLY GREAT deal for Florida residents; 4 days at $195. BUT the system wouldn’t let me in still; argh. CM chat directed me to IT-CM… on hold 45 min… IT had to create a duplicate MDE for me and then voila’ I had a park reservation. At every opportunity I asked CMs to tell their ldrshp to give the APs some love: open up the unused park/resort slots to APs. They all agreed (it’s their job to agree and offer tea and sympathy). I also thanked them for being a role-model for ‘how to do a pandemic’. That last bit they seemed very grateful for; I’m guessing they get more complaints about masks then complements.

Finally, Pokémon: someone somewhere in the threads told me that it was going to be me putting up with Pokémon rather than DH/S putting up w/ going to the park to humor me. YES, YES you were correct! Argh! Next trip is solo :wink: But for those interested there are some really good Pokémon in the park. And they are everywhere!

I thought I was going to have to go to EC to find Remy at the FWF :heart_eyes:


I think it really sucks that you have an AP but still had to buy a ticket because of the crazy park reservation system. I’m glad you were able to visit MK though. One of our MK days last week was busier than I was expecting too (the other was fabulously uncrowded).


So nice to have a hooky day!

I hope you get to go again soon.


Why would you be scolded? Because you bought a day ticket to get in when you already had an annual pass? Um…you chose to spend your own money because you wanted to go to the park the same day.What’s worth scolding?


You picked a good day! At MK now and just waited longer than I ever have for POTC. Lines are much longer than Monday.

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I really don’t like the castle colours on photos. I hope I like it more in person. It will be a lot more faded by the time I get there! If wait times are great, I don’t think I’d mind too much if there were a lot of people there. Sorry you had to buy a ticket. On our 2016 trip DH drove me mad with the Pokemon!

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Wow those are long waits!

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