French Quarter vs POP

We have a trip for Jan 9-14. We have reservation at POP. Thinking about changing to French Quarter.
My main concern is transportation, Skyliner vs all buses (or boat to DS).

Do you think the trade off of Skyliner is worth it?

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POFQ is amazing and it has great bus service. And buses don’t have to stop for bad weather. It’s so centrally located too, it’s 10 mins to EP and HS, 15 to MK, maybe 20 to AK. You can also use the pools/buses at POR. Though POR does have 4 bus stops.


Both are excellent choices, but in different ways. The Skyliner is an awesome transportation option that gets you to HS/Epcot in an ideal way. How often will you be visiting those parks? What is your perspective on the buses? Avoid at all costs? Or they’re fine? If doing DS a lot, then the boat from POFQ is a much nicer option as well.

POFQ is an idyllic setting to roam around the resort, has a very nice food court and generally feels a lot smaller and less rushed than Pop. Pop offers overstated icons, like a giant Roger Rabbit etc. when walking around, is much larger with a more frenetic foodcourt. How much time do you plan on roaming around the resort? If a lot, POFQ is definitely better.

POFQ has a very nice pool with a slide. It’s pretty big and offers some areas where you can get away from others which is nice. Pop won’t have a slide, but I don’t think we ventured to the pool.

Both have “sister resorts” which are an easy walk and interesting to explore. FQ has the advantage that you could boat to Riverside instead of having to walk.

Overall, not sure you can go wrong with either. I think it comes down to a decision on transportation versus resort feel. Lately we’ve been leaning Skyliner access it seems, but I do miss French Quarter…

I just got back from a POFQ/POP split stay. I thought the Skyliner was easy and the wait even in a long line wasn’t bad. I was in the 80s building and didn’t love it, but since I was rarely in my room it was fine for solo travel. POFQ on the other hand is such a pretty place to walk around, and was a relaxing break from the park time.

How big is your travel party? Do you know yet where you want to spend your time? My trip was Epcot heavy, so the Skyliner was great for that. But if I were taking DH, who would want time away from the crowds and chaos, I’d be bringing him to POFQ.


We are a party of two, papa and DGD. We do not mind the buses. Parks are a focus but we like some down time.

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I love POFQ if it’s in budget give it a try. It’s such enjoyable place. Great atmosphere and May I say beignets. Everything is so close. Take the boat to Riverside or Downtown Disney. ( Disney Springs)


Skyliner is great. It’s relaxing and kind of fun!

But from Pop it’s not faster than a bus once you’re on it. I timed it again out of curiosity just this weekend and end to end (Pop/AoA to Epcot) was 20 mins total. Which is interesting to me because I have this theory that Disney has figured out the upper limit of guest tolerance for transfer times as 20 mins, and seem to group - or not group! - resorts together on routes based on this timing.

There is an argument to be made that your wait time for Skyliner is typically less than your wait time for a bus. And I won’t deny that it’s super great to walk up and walk on much of the time.

But I’m not sure Skyliner would make or break a resort decision for me. Especially given the pricing of the resorts on the line - they sure do lean into Skyliner as an amenity when setting the room cost!

I’d stay at POFQ.


@Damavs and @SJCricket make a very good point about the size of Pop. It’s pretty darn big, and the walk to Skyliner from some rooms, like 80’s and 90’s, is not exactly short. If you do stay Pop, spring for Preferred to be close to everything.

POFQ is much smaller and nothing is far from even the furthest room.


POFQ is probably my favorite resort. It’s small and so pretty. I usually chose POFQ if I’m just doing a party or a resort only stay before a cruise. However, if I’m hitting the parks, I’m choosing Pop because I much prefer the skyliner over a bus. Even at the parks where I have to take a bus, if I see a Riviera bus or AoA bus come first, I can hop on it, take it to those resorts and take the skyliner back to my room (from Riviera) or walk over from AoA.

If you have a small child with you, keep in mind that you may be standing on the bus with him/her. You’ll always have a seat on the skyliner. Small kids, and even big kids, will love to visit AoA for the larger than life theming as well so if you choose Pop, be sure to walk over to check out each section.

I always request (via TP room finder) a room in the 1960’s or 1970’s building as they are close the Classic Hall and the skyliner. I’ve always had that request met.

The skyliner does go down for refurbishment sometime in January so check your dates.

Both resorts are good choices. Depends on how much more you are willing to pay for POFQ vs Pop.


Thanks, we are going to book POFQ.