Free Park Parking when staying onsite - One car per room or one car per room key

Sooooo, I’m planning a Jan 2022 trip. There is likely one other family going with us, and maybe another family too. We are thinking of doing one of the camping sites. If everyone comes that would be three families with three cars and 10 people. Will all three cars be able to park for free at the parks?

From the camping site, I expect that we’ll want to drive everywhere that isn’t MK.

Parking is free for all guests staying at a Disney resort, including campgrounds, so I think yes. As long as each vehicle has someone with a MB showing they are on the reservation, it should not be a problem.

ETA: OP asked about parking at the theme parks. That was what I was addressing with my answer.


Oh, good. I didn’t know if they had a way to check that someone in that ‘room’ has already used free parking.
Although, I guess how would they know that you hadn’t left for something you forgot and returned?

Usually, guest are limited to one car per camp site. I have seen two small cars at a campsite, but I’m not sure how long they stayed, nor how the second one got in.

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Here is the parking page on Disney’s website:

Standard overnight self-parking is available to registered Guests for a fee that will be applied to their hotel folio upon check-out. All parking fees include applicable tax.

Complimentary standard parking is available to Guests staying at the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Each campsite provides parking space for one (1) motorized vehicle.

Standard theme park parking is included for registered Guests of Disney Resort hotels and select Annual Passholders. These Guests can also choose to enjoy preferred parking by paying the difference in cost between their included standard parking and preferred parking (difference is currently $20-$25 per day*).

I also found this relevant tidbit on another site:

Guests at the campsite receive free parking for one motorized vehicle; additional vehicles and parking at the cabins are subject to Disney’s regular parking fees.

To summarize: If you have a reservation at the campground, you will get one vehicle parked at the campsite AND the parks for free. You will have to pay for each additional vehicle at a single campsite, but those guests will not have to pay for parking at the theme parks if they are registered guests at the campground.


Hmmm, I thought the extra cars could be parked in the parking lot. I could be wrong though.


One car at your campsite. Other cars park at the overflow parking near the resort check in building.


Are you sure about that? Just in the last year WDW has started charging for overnight parking. Something like $30 a night per vehicle.

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It should say theme park parking is free for all guests staying at a Disney resort, including campgrounds. There is a charge for the resort parking, but it’s not duplicated when you arrive at a park.


The campgrounds don’t charge for parking. Or, at least they didn’t used to. With all the changes, maybe I didn’t notice that change.

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That’s correct, for one vehicle, as noted above - they get both resort and theme park parking free. But all other resort guests have to pay for resort parking but get theme park parking included.