Free Magic Band packaging

I was (apparently mistakingly) under the impression no more free MBs. Until I got my shipping notification that mine have shipped. I wasn’t planning on buying new ones because we all have 2 of them from a split stay in 2018 and I am: 1. Cheap (yeah, yeah we’re going to WDW so I can’t be cheap cheap, but you know what I mean) and 2. unneeded plastic not great for the environment.

Anyway, so these magic bands are now on their way to my house. Has anyone received their free gray bands recently and recall if they came in obviously Disney packaging? Cause my kids think we’re going on a much different spring trip than WDW. We’ve made it this far keeping it a secret and I’d love to have it not be spoiled by the mail a few days before we leave.


Plain :package: this was my last order a year ago

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Plain white box here too. :slight_smile:


Thanks! One less thing to worry about. Hopefully I can manage 6 more days of keeping this secret!


You can dooooo it!

Update: the bands apparently made it to my part of MA last night, but USPS states they won’t get to my house until Monday night (we leave on Saturday… but whatever, I wasn’t planning on them in the first place). I was going through the mail with my daughter standing right next to me and I found this:

I don’t know why I didn’t think about this coming. Luckily I whisked it away before she saw. Less than two days to keep this a surprise…


Probably because it’s been very hit-or-miss as to whether someone gets DME info in the mail ahead of time now that there is no need to send you the yellow luggage tags.

Ha ha! I would have forgotten about that too!