Free dining plan in the spring?

Hi everyone, still planning this very expensive trip. Wondering if anyone has ever booked a free dining plan in the spring? I’ve read fall is usually when those are available but thought I’d ask. Thank you!

Yes, I booked one this past spring for December of this year.

Last summer they had something similar to free dining. We were at WDW at the end of June. We received 1 free QS a day. I then upgraded to DDP and I had to pay the difference. It was well worth it I saved about $500. I booked the trip in September or October but the dining package did not come out till February or March and I was able to switch over to that package.

Was that something like the Play, Stay, and Dine package- or something like that? I think that type of package could be an option again.

I’m sorry I don’t remember what it was called.

I think it was called 2018 Summer Meal Offer.

They Play, Stay, and Dine are usually discounts on Disney Packages (hotel, park tickets, and dinning plan)