Free dining for 2019

Hi. Sorry if this as been asked before but does anyone have any ideas if the free Disney dining will come back for 2019? And if so when does it usually get released?

No one knows for sure if it will be available even for 2018 yet, but the speculation is that the chances of them offering it are less and less with crowds increasing. The announcement is typically made at the end of April or early May for the current year.

They have also released details for this year, I think June to August, for a “kids eat free” deal.

That might turn out to be a kind of phasing out of the traditional “free dining”.

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That was my immediate first thought when I saw that offer

Are the kids eat free for USA booking sites I cannot see any offers for uk sites except the 14 day Disney ticket for the price of 7?

The UK site usually offers free dining for booking the following year. And opens at about the same time.

So this month it’s likely you can book for any time in 2019 with free dining.

Plus of course, free parking.

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Thank you I will watch out for this then

I have emailed several companies for quotes because it was rumoured to be opening tomorrow, but they have all come back saying it will be late April or early May this year.

Yes I also heard rumours that the 5th April would be the day :weary: But after checking the websites this morning looks like it’s not will keep checking :+1:

No the agents I’m in touch with said they will know a few days before and will be able to do quotes then (before it’s actually released).

When you say free parking? My understanding was that there is now a charge for overnight parking at resorts so we had planned to only have a car for half the trip to save on parking charges as we will only use it to go to Universal. Is there a way to avoid the overnight charges?

Are you from the UK? If so, then any packages sold until the end of 2019, for travel up to the end of 2020 will have no parking fees.

Not sure if this applies if you book direct with the Disney UK site. But certainly does if you book with any travel agent.

All to do with the EU laws that protect packages already on sale, but also the deal already cut with Disney over rooms etc. Therefore they can’t add on parking fees.

Yes am from the UK and will be booking with Virgin Holidays for a trip in May 2019
I was not aware that we would not have to pay the parking fees so thanks very much for that. I figured unless we were already booked we would have to pay.
May have to reconsider if its worth having a car for the whole trip after all!

On the free dining note it seems its definitely is coming out as Virgin Rep has ‘quoted’ me for it although its a bit of an odd one as its a sort of ‘reservation’ that gets confirmed at a date later in April but if the room isn’t available we can cancel or move dates. Still a bit confused but will speak to her about it tomorrow and let people know if we are able to actually book but looks very hopeful.

I’m honestly not quite sure how the UK bookings work, but I have seen quite a bit on Facebook that folks book SO far in advance that Disney can’t quite guarantee the rooms. About 6 or 8 months prior to the trip Disney will send the confirmation and the specific resort details.

For example, Old Key West is undergoing renovations and thus has fewer rooms than expected so quite a few people have gotten “bumped” from their OKW bookings to AKL or BW, which don’t seem like terrible upgrades to me!

They can’t guarantee DVC resorts, but agents will tell you they’ve never had one that wasn’t confirmed.

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I visited 2 travel agents yesterday and both told me the DDP will go on offer the end of the month. I have looked back and when I booked my 2017 trip I booked 24th April with the free dining offer at OKW. They are not sure what the details will be but they are saying there will be some sort of offer. Fingers crossed😀

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