Free dining fall offers?

Anyone excited / waiting for fall free dining dates info to come out

Really hoping for Free Dining for our trip on Sept. 20th?
Any idea when this info might come out?

Would anyone be willing to share circumstances in which free dining makes sense for them financially? I’ve run the numbers on my family of 5 and haven’t seen a way to make the deal better for us if we are required to pay rack rate for room and park hopper tickets. I think I might be doing something wrong…

Does Universal also have free dining offers? I ask, since you posted this in the Universal forum. I’m not as familiar with UOR specials.

I posted it on universal on accident :disappointed:Sorry. Still figuring out all this stuff

I’ve heard/ read on other sites sometime in April? It came out end of April last year I think. I’m just trying to watch for it since there always seems to be limited amount of room availability

Pretty sure that it’s offered in the April/May timeframe. We’re waiting…as patiently as possible…:wink:

We’re going on our 3rd trip to the ‘World’ this fall and will get it if it’s ‘free’. If you use your table service credits for dinners, especially character meals, it can be of value, or at least break-even. There are a few sites ( has some good info) that show which restaurants/meals give you most bang for your buck$.
We do the character meals, and split our quick-service meals, which enhances the value for us. The 2 snacks per person per day and the refillable resort mugs that are included help. However, tips are not included and should be factored in.
It’s also convenient - no need to carry too much cash, other than the tipping.

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