Freaking out about flight changes/cancellations

I tend to stress over things, I tend to be a big planner. I mean, isn’t that why most of us are a part of this amazing group?!?
So I have posted before about my solo trip happening the end of August. The main reason this trip is happening is because of a work training conference I am attending. I never thought this trip would happen after it was initially canceled for March 23, 2020. Well this is the 4th time we are booking this trip. I have 2 full days of meetings and I am arriving 2 days prior at 9am (fingers crossed). I have been reading so many flights, especially SW, have been changed from what people originally booked. I am terrified of this happening. This will kill my plans. Yes, I know many things can happen, the thought of a hurricane crossed my mind already too. I am trying to see what I can do to make sure I arrive that Monday morning as early as possible. My flight with SW was fully paid for by work. Is there anyway I could book a “backup flight”? Definitely not with SW, for one I know you cannot do that, but could I just book with another airline? Say Spirit? Yes I know I’m could be throwing money away if I would need it, but Spirit has a 630am flight right now direct, for $42. Since I haven’t paid a penny, I wouldn’t mind if I wasted this $42 as a piece of mind for myself. Just to protect in case SW screws me and changes my perfect flight time. Is this possible, like how would SW know if I booked with another airline. Am I just crazy and should chill out? I would love to just say, let me change my SW flight for the day before, but I don’t think my DH would go for this idea. I’m already leaving him home alone with the kiddos for 5 days. What would you do??

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Book the other flight, $42 is worth losing if you don’t take the flight. You can have flights booked on multiple airlines, they don’t communicate with each other.
By the way, I fly SW a lot and have never had flight changes/cancellations like I see mentioned on these threads sometimes. I wouldn’t worry too much, but book the other flight as a backup.


Wow you’re lucky then. AA has changed our flights to HI 2x now.


I agree with @Wahoohokie, book the other flight. It should give you some peace of mind at least.


I would definitely book the other flight - $42 is a small price to pay for peace of mind!

However, if you end up taking the Spirit flight, make sure to modify your SW flight to be one way, or call them to make sure they don’t cancel your return flight. Sometimes if you have a round trip or multiple-leg flight, if you miss the first leg they will consider you a no-show and cancel the remainder of your ticket. At least, this happened to me a decade or so ago. Not sure if it has changed.


Thank you. I was just thinking about that myself. Really hoping I will be able to stick with SW, I’m only planning on a carry on but with Spirit that will cost me. Not sure if I could swing packing everything in a backpack but we shall see.

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Honestly? I think you have a better shot at the Spirit flight being cancelled than the Southwest. At lease with Southwest you should have more options to change to if they do cancel/change.

It’s crazy, that’s what I would have thought, but Spirit has 5 direct flights scheduled that day and SW is now down to 2. When I bought my tickets in June, SW had 4 throughout the day. There was one scheduled before the one I booked, but that’s no longer scheduled so I’m hoping since mine is the first direct flight of the day it won’t be messed with too much.

Spirit employee here. I would book the Spirit flight as a back up. We frequently have “no-shows” as it’s much cheaper to throw the ticket than pay change fees. Not a bad to have a back up plan with that short of a stay. If for some reason you took Spirit to Orlando and never cancel your Southwest flight. Southwest will most likely cancel your return flight.

Also, if you decided to take Spirit instead, a 6:30am flight is less likely to be delayed or cancelled. It is most likely the aircraft and crews first flight of the day. What city are traveling from?

One more thing, if you have time, book your Spirit ticket at the airport. It is cheaper by roughly $8-15. There is fee that they charge for processing it over the phone.


Thank you so much for all the info. I too work in transportation but the railroad. It’s been crazy for us at work, I’m sure you have seen the same.
Yes there is a 630am flight and I did book that one, figured it gave me an extra hour when I want to enjoy every second. I’m flying out of Philly and have used Spirit before with no issue. I would have booked them for this trip, but honestly eslty since I wasn’t paying for it, I went with SW Thanks agai