FPP with orbitz reservation

Just made room only reservation through orbitz. Bought tickets through disney. Tickets and room are already linked in MDE. Disney CM told me that we couldn’t book FPP at 60 days because our room was booked through orbitz. I thought as long as you had a resort reservation you could book at 60 days? Tomorrow is my 60 day mark and I want to be prepared!! Anyone know if CM was wrong? So far only next 30 days are showing in MDE but don’t know if that will change when I hit my 60 day mark?

Nope, 60 days. Starting an Orbitz stay tonight, everything’s worked as normal.

The CM is wrong - plenty of people have made 60-day FPP reservations with Orbitz bookings. As you have already linked everything in MDE, you are all set - at midnight (or soon thereafter, as Tinkerbell can be slow), the pixie dust is applied and the full 60 days will show,

Before my 60 day mark for FPP, MDE would let me do FPP 30 days out. The night the 60 days hit (I’m on the west coast) the system “flipped” and let me make all my reservations for the trip. I booked 100% through Disney so it’s not an Orbitz thing.

Thanks all! Tomorrow is the day, so hopefully it will all work!

Not FPP related, but just checked in with an Orbitz reservation. Despite linking it to MDE and online check in 60 days ago, front desk had problems finding it.