We are planning on two days at HS in September.
Currently having FP’s for Slinky Dog on one day, and TSM on another. We all want to do Tower of Terror as well. Wondering what FP it makes the most sense to have - Toy Story Mania or Tower of Terror (w/reduced capacity - apparently until 9/28. We will be there prior to that date). We will definitely wait in line for whichever we don’t have a FP for… I checked and I can change the TSM to TOT (for the exact same time a slot!), but I’m going back and forth as to which I’d rather wait in an actual line for.

We are planning on doing EEMH one morning, but with the goal of visiting SWGE - so we wouldn’t really be rope dropping outside of the there. Hopefully. Who knows at this point. Any suggestions/WWYD/I need to stop messing with my touring plan :grimacing:

Normally I’d say FPP TSM because it is easier to RD Tot, but who knows if that will be true with SWGE opening and the tier changes for FPP.

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I would monitor the wait times for both and then decide.

For example, right now TP is saying
TSMM posted 90 min, expect 55 min lines dropping until 8:00.
TOT posted 110 min, expected 86 min lines not shorter until 6:45pm, even then it only drops to 75 min wait.
This would imply TOT is the best choice to FPP.


Grab the ToT FPP. As you’ve mentioned the refurb is making capacity so much lower & queues longer. Plus, the ToT queue is mostly outside making it a more uncomfortable wait.


Switched to TOT - thanks for the suggestions :blush:

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Just curious - where did you see the 9/28 date? I have been keeping tabs and was hoping it would be done before our upcoming trip, but it sounds like that might not be the case… :frowning:

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I thought TOT refurb was done 8/28, not 9/28. Does anyone have definitive date?

So - ignore the date I gave. That was for the Disney Land Paris TOT :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4: Sorry for giving false info!!!