FPP TP suggestions

I’ve been working on some touring plans for Epcot. Although I put in that I will have 1 Tier One and 2 Tier Two’s, the plan continues to suggest FPP for both Soarin and Test Track. Is that the way it is supposed to work prior to actually having the FPP’s? (my 60 days will not be until after the new year.

Did you make sure that the numbers were in the right box? I know it sounds silly but I think that’s the park where the tier 1’s show on the right side and the tier 2 on the left. I got it backwards the first time lol.

I did see that @Outer1 and almost made that mistake! But did do it correctly

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Maybe it doesn’t prevent it from suggesting more than 1 tier 1, but only prevents it from using more than 1 when you enter your actual FPP times. That way you can see the best options and choose the one you want?

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