FPP times when park hopping

For those of you that park hop and save your fast passes for the 2nd park, do you still try to stack your fast passes for the first several hours that you are in the 2nd park in hopes of getting multiple additional fast passes after using your third? For instance, say we are going to AK around 2pm and we are using our first 3 fast passes there. We have FOP 1:30-2:30, KS at 2:30-3:30 and EE 3:30-4:30 with the plan to try to modify the second one as soon we use the first and so on…or would it be better to just let touring plans tell me which order to do them and the best times to get FPP since we will be starting our FPP so late in the day

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I would keep them just the way you have them. You have them booked for the busiest time of the park 1-4pm.