FPP Suggestions

Hi everyone. I haven’t been on in awhile and wondered what your thoughts are about scheduling FPP. My friend will select hers tomorrow night and my date is coming up in a couple of weeks. Still at midnight? Is it best to schedule the three FPP during the morning so additional FPP can be obtained later? Can you still only schedule additional FPP at kiosks in the parks? Anything new that I may have missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

Hola @curlygirl! It all depends on what attractions you absolutely need. 7dmt and A&E are most definitely stay up, midnight rush FPPs, tip for getting those: look from your last day of travel backwards and good luck to you! Yes, it is still recommended to get your 3 FPP early then you can grab another at the kiosks (still no other option for the 4th FPP). I can’t remember any other news right now. Hope you get everything you want!

It’s still midnight eastern time. There are varying opinions about FPP. Some would say schedule them early in the day and get 4th, 5th, etc later. I think general consensus is take advantage of RD and don’t schedule FPP for the first 2 hrs of park opening. Also, your choices for additional FPP later in the day may not include prime attractions (like the parade or wishes).

Personally, I’m park hopping. I’ll hit RD at first park but have FPP scheduled for 2nd park.

Another thing to consider is crowd level effecting the available 4th, 5th FPP. Low level crowd=more FPP available.

Sorry, I’m no help, lol! Good luck!!

If your at a loss as to what to do, make a personalized TP and have the optimizer suggest which FPPs to book

Hmm - the Internet seems to have eaten my reply. Make a PTP and optimize it, and then choose your 3 FPP based on its recommendations. I would not book the 3 FPP early (when you really do not need them) in hopes of getting a useful 4th FPP. @len and crew have been working on logic for the Optimizer to take into account the possibility of 4th FPPs, but I’m not sure when it will be released or when they will have enough FPP availability data to enable them to make reliable FPP availability projections.