FPP strategy FOP

I am at 61 days and just looked at TP’s FPP availability information for the dates of my trip. I have found that FPs for FOP are already gone till mid afternoon on the day I planned to visit. Not sure what will be left when my window opens in 24+ hours! Things I could have done differently: 1) Get park hopper passes instead of single day. 2) Stop being such a goodie two shoes, and learn to over book and duplicate book restaurants and tours. Then I would not be locked in now with my day/park selection back at 180. 3) For a new headliner (FOP or ToyStory land…etc) plan it on the LAST day of your trip for best FPP availability. 4) If you can afford it, go CL with extra FPP. Hope this helps someone else. Note: I know Disney likes us to pre-plan so they can schedule resources. It can be fun but it raises expectations. When they are dashed it can leave a bitter WDW fan.

All I can suggest, if you are absolutely locked into one particular day, is to take any time you can. Then try modify, it may open up different times .

Is there no way to switch days? What day of your visit are you hoping for? Day 4 or later is your best hope. Can you try to switch the dining reservations, using the reservation finder tool on here?

Good luck!

Grab the best time you can get as soon as you can. Book the rest of your priority Fastpasses, then go back to your FoP one and start refreshing to see if you can snag the perfect time. Everyone is in a bit of a mad panic with FoP, and a lot of people will juggle their FPs around in the hour or so after the window opens (not me of course, I’m perfectly cool and collected through the whole process…ok, maybe not :rofl: ) so there is a good chance of picking up a better time. Also, look out for changes to the AK park hours, which is another time when people start trying to move their FoP Fastpasses around.

Get the fast passes when you can. Change restaurants unless they are demanded. We got BOG breakfast and Tiffins during our trip.

I was in the same boat as you. Fortunately, they extended park hours for my day and I was able to snag FPs for FoP. Do watch out for extended park hours! If you bought your tickets through WDW, you could try to talk to Guest Services and switch your park days. FYI - I sent a message to GS about this issue. I know it would be cumbersome, but where there is a will, there is a way… I suggested that for those people who log in at 7:00 AM on Day 60 and are unable to reserve FP’s for popular attractions through no fault of their own, they should be able to get on a waiting list (or queue). Then, when WDW releases more FP’s for those days, they should have first access. GS said they would forward my suggestions on to Management (unlikely :smile:).

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