FPP Staycation Day Extravaganza (sprinkled with questions)

Good morning! Today our FPP day and I took the day off. I live on the West Coast, which means my window opened at 4 a.m., and while I usually get up at 5 anyway, I figured I would not get a whole lot of work done what with all the messing with touring plans and my calendar I will probably be wanting to do.

Despite oversleeping (I tried to use the silent alarm on my Fitbit so I wouldn’t wake my husband up), everything went smoothly and there was availability for everything I wanted. (I think it’s much easier for a party of 2.) No IT glitches at all, although I did go ahead and use an incognito browser window.

My first question: I decided to use the day we are going to Epcot in the morning and HS in the evening to get HS fastpasses. I now have the Fantasmic VIP dessert experience booked and Fantasmic fastpasses. The dessert is prepaid–what happens if I cancel that, do I just get a refund? Any thoughts about which way to go? I think we might actually prefer Fastpass seats that are further back to dessert seats, which are "in the first couple of rows."

The rest of my day will involve a bunch of chores–heading out for a run as soon as it is light enough, taking one cat to the vet for teeth cleaning (while explaining to the other one - the loud one - that his breakfast is delayed because she isn’t allowed to eat) going to Trader Joe’s to buy approximately 47 of every pumpkin flavored item they have, etc, but I have some other Disney magic planned for this evening to celebrate and get us ready for our trip. I’ll share about that later.


So, according to what I read here and at other places, the dessert seats are not ‘‘in the first couple of rows’’. It’s actually the same block of seats than if you get the dinner package. Basically, the earlier you get there, the best choice you have and you can definitely sit higher up. We did Fantasmic FP in the past and got sucky seats, way over the left side. This time around we will do the dessert thing.

I could swear I read that right on the WDW website, but it’s not there anymore. I wonder if they changed it since I booked…

I’m still not sure we will need or want so much food (we have a 3:00 Homecomin’ “linner” reservation), or that the price is worth the seats since we go to Disneyland a lot and Fantasmic is something we have done there several times and will likely do there again…but…I think I get a blue drink that lights up, and who doesn’t want a blue drink that lights up?


LOL yeah it’s all about the drinking hehehe

Considering you saw Fantasmic many times I think the dessert thing is probably much lower value for you than for us who have seen it only once (and from bad seats)…

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TBH I’m more into the light-up part than the booze part. Simple pleasures. :stuck_out_tongue:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: You are the perfect person to share with then !!!


I thought the seating was in the “wet zone” too, because there was a warning about it. That was when it first came out, maybe they’ve changed it. I’m away to check…

ETA: hmmm, nothing on the actual dining page here:

Maybe it’s only if there’s still room. There are two times, so maybe if the first one is full and they all choose seats at the front then the rest have to sit farther back.

In my humble opinion, the DL version of Fantasmic is MUCH better than the WDW iteration. I always try to see the DL version if I’m there. I’ve been to it at DHS 2 (maybe 3) times over the past 20 years. But some people prefer the WDW version as there is a LOT more seating and everything (except the boats) is bigger.

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Thanks! I’d been wondering–I have a love/hate relationship with the way it’s staged at Disneyland. It’s so cool that it’s set against Rivers of America, but also can be such a hassle to get in and out of, and shuts down part of the park when it’s happening.

Time for dinner and a movie!


And dessert!


What a great idea!