FPP: Soarin or Test Track


With the third screen for Soarin’, is it still recommended to get a fast pass for Soarin’ and then do standby with Test Track? We would like to ride together on Test Track, so no single rider line for us.

If you had to choose between the two, which one would you pick?


FPP test track. It is effected by weather and sometimes can be delayed opening. RD Soaring (unless FEA is in Your plans)

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What the queue line is like should also, affect your choices of fast passes. Soarins, is poor at best, test track is better. Seas with nemo is good, space ship earth is bad. These things make a difference. Standing 30 minutes looking at concrete blocks, vs futuristic cars, you decide.

True. You should consider the queue as well. Last time we waited in the Soaring queue they had a game you could play along on via a cell phone. Nephews enjoyed it. Both are mostly inside out of the heat which is a plus.

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I heard they have improved that line, when I was their it was terrible, just a bunch of blocks.

On those rare occasions when I do TT (usually if I’m with someone who wants to go), I will FPP it and hit Soarin’ right at RD.

Last year we had 2 days at EP but used our tier 1 for FEA on the second day.

On the first day, we went straight to TT at RD and had a FP for Soarin, and it worked out great. On the second day, we decided to go straight to TT again and then do Soarin as we had no FP for either, but TT was down. We still rode Soarin with a short wait, but TT was down most of the day and ended up being FP only in the evening, so we missed out.

I’d get a FP for TT.

Great, thoughts! Thanks for the advise.

We are going to Epcot 2 days also. We have a FP for FEA for the first day, so was trying to determine what to do for our second day.

I think we’ll get the FP for TT and then RD Soarin’.