FPP reservations

If I have a touring plan that I’m happy with, do I just try make a fpp reservation for the time listed for the rides with predicted long wait times? For instance, our touring plan has Peter Pan first thing with an 11 minute wait, 7 Dwarf’s Mine Train at 4 pm with a 30 minute wait, and Visit Cinderella at 6:30 with a 25 minute wait.

Is it worth it to do fpp reservations if the predicted wait time is less than 30 minutes?

We’re not staying on property; will it be hard to get fpp reservations?

Lastly, my daughter doesn’t meet the height requirement for some desirable rides, but she might by he time we go. They aren’t currently in my touring plans. Should I try to get fpp reservations just in case?

What I did with my TPs is to consider two factors: first, what were the longest waits in my touring plans, and second, which would be the most difficult FPP to obtain as we approached the trip. I tried to minimize my waits, so I didn’t really care if it was Tomorrowland Transit Authority that we grabbed a FPP for; it was the attraction on my plan that had the second longest wait time projected. On the other hand, I grabbed a 7DMT FPP for later in the week in case my kids wanted to ride it again. I figured if they didn’t love it, it would be much easier to get at FPP on something else close to the day, but if they adored it, I wouldn’t be able to grab it so close to the time.

Also, to my mind, minimizing waits (with a 5 and 2 year old) was my goal. I felt as though it was a better to get a FPP for Journey in to Imagination than not. Even if the line is only 8 minutes, why not wait 2, if there isn’t anything better to get a FPP for? Because I’m traveling with small children I am taking a long break in the middle of the day. We chose to go for longer and do fewer attractions in each day. So we had more opportunities for FPP.

If you think your daughter is close to the height restrictions, AND is the type of kid who would want to ride, I think you should plan as though you are doing the headliners. It’s much easier to delete those to your plans, or skip ahead, than it is to try to add them in at a later date. Also as you do your plans for each day, you may be surprised that the headliners aren’t necessarily what you want your FPP for. For instance, Peter Pan and 7DMT will certainly have lines equal to the mountains.

The caveat to all my advice is that I’ve spent a lot of time drawing up plans, but am not actually going til October :wink:

Another consideration is that- maybe- there’s an attraction you’d want to so when the waits can be long. For example, would you like to experience the Mine Train at night? Maybe the Jingle Cruise (not Jungle) at night but you won’t be around for park closing when the lines can be shorter?

Otherwise, guess my goal is to wait no more than 20min for anything. So, generally, the first few attractions with what’s longer than 20min are candidates.

Generally this means headliners get FPP or rope drop or are done late. Shows and less popular and/or faster loading attractions can be done just about anytime.

I’d also consider which attractions I may be able to get as a 4th; this is harder for me in the MK to predict while I have a sense of this in the other parks. (Still hoping TP will provide this info). Anyway, for example, I wouldn’t assume I’d get Toy Story or the Mine Train or Soarin as a 4th, and these would be obvious FPP or rope drop picks.

Also, the sooner you get through your initial 3, the sooner you can get a time saving 4th, 5th, etc (again, pick your next longest waits for additional FPP). Knowing which FPP kiosks tend to be shorter is key too. A 10 minute wait at a Kiosk for a 4th Splash FPP is like adding 10min to the Splash FPP.

You can also have the optimizer help you choose your FPP’s.

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