FPP report - opened early!

Since I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, I figured I’d give an update on FPP booking for onsite stay (with all the horrible stories about MDE). First, it opened a day early. This happens more often than not for me. Not sure if it’s because we have AP or what. But this morning I got the Touring Plans notice that I can book FPP tomorrow, but got them all today. Second, I was able to book for my entire split say - AKL for 2 nights and BCV for 3 nights.

I went to the app at 7:02am (of course it’s my work from home day so I can sleep in a little but when I heard my DH shut the door on the way out, I panicked and grabbed my iPad!). Tried to open My Disney Experience 3 times and it kept crashing. Then I tried the website on Safari - got an error message and gave up and went back to MDE. Fourth time was the winner. I went straight for FOP. Tried for Day 2 but didn’t expect any success. They had some, but not until the afternoon so I booked Na’vi and went for FOP on Day 5 and got it for 9:05am. Perfect. Then tried 7DMT for Day 1 which I knew would be tough. Was able to get 3:35pm, so I will keep trying to move that up. Then I started on the rest of my days.

I wasn’t trying for Toy Story Land because we have EMM booked, but I looked on Day 6 and they had a ton of everything including SDD as early as 9:05am.

So, that’s it! Good luck everyone on your day!


I was also able to book mine a day early - and I am not AP. I also have a split stay and was able to book my entire stay. For the first two days of the trip it will just be two of us then 6 others join after that and I was able to book FP+ for the entire party for all days.
I logged into the website (on Chrome) around 7:45
I had a similar experience that I couldn’t get FOP on Day 1 but was able to get it for a party of 7 on Day 7. I got Slinky Dog for party of 7 on day 5 and 7DMT for 7 on day 3.
Navi was available all days. I had to settle for afternoon FOP and 7DMT but happy I got them.
I had zero technical glitches, which was amazing!

a day early you say?! I may have to check on Sunday, just to see…

How did you know to even try?

I have had it happen before so I always check. I think the first time, I had seen folks reporting it on chat!

The one time your booking window is guaranteed to open a day early is if you have another reservation within 60 days of the first. Because of the rolling window, the second reservation booking window will open a day early.

Otherwise it’s chance!

And you should always be able to book FPs for all parts of a split stay at 60 days out. If you can’t, there is a glitch and you should call. And call back if the first CM tells you that you will have to wait!

I saw a post on this forum about it happening to someone and figured I would try. So I started checking 2 days before my official date and glad I did!