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Would you guys mind giving your thoughts on my selection of fast passes and dining reservations for my upcoming November trip? Note: trip is Nov 13-21st–solo until evening of 15th, then my niece (7), sister and mother arrive.

13th: MK/epcot Haunted mansion (my favorite), 7dmt, splash mtn, dinner at restaurant Marrakesh
14th DHS: TSM, Star tours and TZTT, dinner Sci Fi
15th: MK space mtn, 7dmt, pirates; dinner at downtown disney rainforest cafe
16th: MK pooh, pan, splash; dinner chef mickey
17th AK Safaris, rapids, everest; tusker house
18th epcot: soarin, nemo, spaceship earth; coral reef
19th MK and Xmas party space mtn, big thunder, jungle cruise, crystal palace
20th: DHS TZTT, little mermaid, fantasmic
, Minnie’s holiday dine
21st MK 7DMT, Pirates, Anna and Elsa (sister/niece) Haunted mansion (me/mom) dinner BOG

Are there any fast passes I should change for something that might be more necessary? I am doing the planning and want to get it right.


Do you have Minnie Holiday Dine without Fantasmic? Do you already have your FPs? My only questions are around your choices on the 20th. Looks like you are doing all your favorites!

Unfortunately the Minnie dine is without Fantasmic, and we have all those fast passes right now. The 20th was one of the days I had the most concern about along with AK. Is there a better choice over mermaid on 20th or is that a good choice?


There are such limited choices at HS. I guess I am surprised that little mermaid will still be there!

I just had to comment on your post because our screen names are so similar! VT Biology class of 1996, UVA Nursing class of 1998. You?

We were in Epcot last week on CL 3 and 5 days, and there was never a wait for spaceship earth, even in the monsoon that hit for 2 hours. That would probably be the only one I changed. I know choices are limited with the tiering system, but maybe a character spot instead if you wanted pictures/autographs? Or Mission:Space if you’re feeling brave?

Haaaa! VT Chemistry 1996 and UVA PhD 2003

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I was trying to figure out what might be better than spaceship earth…I like the character spot idea. Mission space sounds great to me, but not to anyone else :smile: