FPP questions

We are doing a lot of half days in the parks. Do I have the option of doing 3 at the first park and scheduling more at the second park when we are done, or do we still have to use them all in the same park per day? Also, tips for using FPP and half days appreciated. Tia!

You can go to a kiosk in the second park after using your 3 scheduled FPP's and select one at a time from any that are still available. Late afternoon/evening availability will be pretty limited. MK is your best bet for those.

Outer described your options for FPP and park-hopping pretty well. If you're headed to the first park at rope drop, then you may be better off scheduling your FPP for the second park. You can hit the headliners first thing in the morning, then visit the less popular attractions later in the morning. Really depends on what you want to see, though. If you want to see Anna & Elsa or the 7DMT, then they get crazy busy right now, so if you're not at the front of the line for rope drop, then may want to use FPP regardless of when you plan to visit.

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When I have a planned park-hop, I typically make my FPPs for the second park. One exception is if I'm hopping TO AK; have never really had a need for FPPs later in the afternoon there.


So true about AK. In the last couple of hours before close, we had short waits (even walk-ons) for everything. If we do KRR, it's always just before close. No wait and no walking around wet all day.