FPP question -- changing an attraction?

When you’re changing an attraction on MDE for FPP, does it select all available attractions for that day at any time, or only the attractions available during that same time of your previous FPP booking? E.g., I have a FPP for tomorrowland speedway from 3-4pm and I’ve been looking for MSEP…will it search for MSEP, which is obviously at a different time from 3-4pm?


If you are picking “change experience” as long as you do not have something already scheduled in that block it should show if it is available .

On the mobile app, it only shows that time slot. On a computer you can see everything available

When I was there in March & using my mobile app it showed all available experiences at all available times. The only ones it didn’t show were ones that clashed with FPP I already had scheduled

ok thanks. I am on the computer (not mobile app) viewing it and dont’ have another FPP during that time. guess it’s still not available!

I was also there in late March and wanted to swap one attraction for another in the same time window using the app. It made it seem like I could, but when I made the change, the FP+ was for hours later when we would no longer be in the park. I was really miffed! After that, I no longer tried to make any swaps once the parks opened to the public. FP’s were disappearing pretty quickly once the kiosks had lines. The crowd levels were 9 and 10 the week we were there.

So the consensus is if you already have three reserved and want to see what else is available it will only search the time of the fpp that you have already reserved. For example, 10:00 HM will only look to replace fpp available in that time?

No, I had a different experience. I was flying out on the 4th of July and we wanted to change our plans and get to the park later. I had and 8:20-9:10 FPP for Splash. I first looked to change the time but the only times available were for late afternoon and evening. I then went to change experience. There was a list of attractions. I picked PP and it gave me a choice of times that just excluded the times for my other two FPPs.

Thanks @principal. So if I don’t see an attraction listed that means its not available? Seems to make sense.

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Correct, yes. that’s what resolution I came to as well. I FINALLY was able to see MSEP as an option when trying to switch out an attraction from 3-4pm.

I had the same thing happen to me two weeks ago as @deevecchione: We had a 10:30 FP for Soarin (booked ~60 days in advance) which we decided to change to Test Track on the day before the FPP was scheduled for. (Soarin’s line even at 9:30 went pretty quick the day before, so we decided we’d rather ride Soarin SB, and FPP TT).

On the app I chose “change attraction” and it showed Test Track as available, and it still showed the 10:30AM time at the top of the screen. I hit Confirm, only to go back to my reservations screen to see it gave me a 4PM Test Track! Nowhere before I clicked “Confirm” did it indicate it was changing the time! Fortunately this time worked for us that day b/c we had a 5PM ADR in EP, but most other days it would have been a lost Tier 1 FPP b/c we wouldn’t have been in the same park for the evening.

Same thing happened a day or two later on a MK day… tried changing a morning attraction FPP to Peter Pan, and while it showed the same time frame on the “Confirm” screen, it booked PP MUCH later in the day.

Hopefully they eventually update the app to show the new attraction’s time BEFORE you confirm it.

The same thing happened to us in March and I wonder is there a way to see this is going to happen before it does?

It’s best to access your MDE account through the internet site on your smartphone without using the app. That way, you can clearly see if that attraction is available for the time that you want. That’s what I did for our trip last week and it worked perfectly that way. I don’t trust the app when it comes to swapping FPP.

That’s a good tip and I will def heed the advice! Thanks @deevecchione