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Does anyone know how park hours changing from 9AM to 7AM impacts the shows?

Currently have (2/4/20 HS day, pre-new Tier system):
9:30 AM TSM
10:30 AM VOLM (10:30-10:45am arrival, 10:50-11:07am show)
12:00 PM Frozen (12:00-12:15pm arrival, 12:30-1:00pm show

If park hours change from 9AM to 7AM, and I’m able to grab an 8AM SDD FP, I would move TSM to SDD. Could I also move the Tier 2 shows up to earlier times if available or do the shows not open any earlier?

Correct. The show times will not change.

Nope, shows don’t change. If you’re there before the tier change, and you want to get your GPS out of the way quickly in order to get more tier ones, is to do the following. Snap up SDD for as early as possible, and get a Star tours early as well.

Once you’ve used your SDD, try and modify your Star tours, and once you’re in the queue for that modify your last fp for another Star tours. Nothing else in tier 2 will be open at that time.

Once you’ve used your 3rd fastpass, you’re free to try and get some more tier 1s


Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately (that’s not a great way to put it), I’ll have to keep the shows as my kids will love them. What I may do (Assuming I get an early SDD), is rope drop TSM, do SDD, try to walk in to the shows earlier than the posted times, then I could either modify the FP for the show to Star Tours or just tap and run.

If you know of any better way to do that knowing I’ll have to attend the 2 shows with or without FP but need to “use” 2 more Tier 2 FP’s to be able to get another Tier 1 FP, let me know.

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I’m not big on the shows at Hollywood studios but the advice I’ve generally seen is that you’re highly unlikely to need a fastpass for any of the shows, even on a busy day as long as you show up about 15 mins before they start.

Hopefully someone with a bit more experience can come along to confirm.

Obviously they’re your priorities, so do what you need to, but it looks like it’s a crowd level 3 for the 4th Feb, so I’d be tempted to do stand by for the shows and get some sweet sweet same day fastpasses


Agreed but I have to clear those FP’s in order to get to the 4th FP.

Yep, that’s why I suggested switching them to star tours. It’s the only ride that’s a tier 2 at the moment, and none of the shows will be opening until at least 10.

In theory with a 7am opening, you can rope drop a couple of rides, do SDD, then a couple of star tours rides, and be hunting for your next fastpass all by 9am.

Of course if your kids are too little or don’t want to do star tours, then this plan won’t work and you will have to wait for one of the shows to start to use up those tier 2 fastpasses.

All of the rides, except SDD and MSFR , are back to being Tier 2 now since they added fastpasses for MSFR. So, you can book fastpasses for just rides and no shows again.

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Their trip is before the tiers change.

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My plan…

  1. SDD for whenever I can get it (early as possible)
  2. Change my 3rd FP (currently Frozen) to a Star Tours right behind SDD
  3. Leave 2nd FP alone for now (VOLM at 10:30) but try to modify it to another Star Tours day of if there is avail.

Ideally, I end up with something like:
7:30 AM SDD
8:30 AM Star Tours (ride or tap and dash)
10:30 AM VOLM (keep or modify after tapping into Star Tours at 8:30 AM to another Star Tours if there is avail between 8:35-10:00ish)

Thank you!!!

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Sounds good. If you want to, as soon as your in the queue for SDD, you can try to modify your Star tours to a bit earlier as well.

Hope all goes well, I’m slightly jealous! I’m not there till after the tiers change, at which point it’s going to be so much harder to get good same day passes

Just checked the WDW Park Hours page and HS opening just changed to 7:00 on Feb 3 and 8:00 on the 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th

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Hours are updated on MDE but no SDD avail. Must be a delay on dropping new FP

Thanks - just waiting for the FPP system to update. BTW, the 8AM open is listed for DHS for all of February.

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Just spotted this too. How long until the extra FPs drop? Any idea?

Last time, when they announced the time change and FPP at the same time, it was 6PM EST so I’m guessing we might end up near there?

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I don’t think you can have 2 of the same FPPs for your first 3 FPPs.

You can as long as you’ve already used the first one. So as soon as you tap into the queue for star tours, you can modify one of your others to star tours, but not before that time.

Seem to remember someone mentioned a few hours delay last week

Good to know!