FPP Prioritization Question--Help Please! :)

Hi all! I’m hoping for a little guidance here. My FPP window opens Monday morning for our trip Sep 8-14. Am I better off prioritizing my FPP selections by attraction or by park? For example, do I try to book all of my FPP selections for each park based on the day we visit OR am I better off booking my FPP selections based on how hard the FP is to get? Since I haven’t navigated the FPP selection process before, I don’t know how cumbersome it will be to switch from date to date or park to park. For guidance, we are visiting MK in the afternoon of 9/8, MK on 9/9, EP 9/10, Rest/Resort day on 9/11, AK 9/12 and HS 9/13 (we may do 1/2 day HS and another 1/2 day at EP or MK depending). 9/14 is Sea World. We are two adults, an 8 year old and a 20 month old (plan to use rider swap) and are staying at AOA. We are EARLY risers who plan to rope drop all 4 days. Thanks to any advice you can give!


I would prioritize hard-to-get, then once those are done, go park-to-park in the order of your trip.

As with anything, YMMV; but that’s how I think you get the best “Bang for your time” so to speak.


Thank you so very much! That’s what I’m leaning toward. I feel like this FPP stuff is the most stressful part of planning!

I realize that @profmatt makes the planning/agonizing/changing things look both very easy and very daunting.

Please remember, whatever FPs you get, you’ll be spending several days in the Most Magical Place on Earth. Stressing because you missed one ride that happens to have 3 hour standby waits is not worth it.

I hope very much that you get all the best FPs. Whether or not you do, though… I’m sure you’ll have a magical trip.


It can be cumbersome, but I’d book hardest to get attractions first, in order of how difficult/popular and work your way down to easiest even if it means switching around with days/parks etc…
I’m planning to go in this order:
Slinky Dog Dash
Flight of Passage
Frozen Ever After
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Those are all priority for us and after that it’ll be easier to get the rest.

I always do the hardest to get first & while it sounds odd - start at the furthest date not the closest.
I would book SDD, then FoP, whatever your EP & MK rides are must do & then fill in the rest.
I don’t find it any more difficult to switch days than booking all of the same park in the same day.
Today was my FPP day and I got everything I wanted and except for SDD (which I couldn’t get before noon) the exact times I wanted.

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Awesome! Thank you!

Yesterday I was able to get FOP on my 60+3 day for Saturday night (Sept 8). I did not try earlier. FOP 60+4 I got 9:05 a.m. for four people. You should be fine.

I did HS at 60+7 and 8 so I am not much help there.