FPP lesser attraction or wait for day of?

For those of us who are not staying on site and therefore have to take the leftovers as far as FPP is concerned, what is a better strategy?

  1. I can grab my 3 FPP for lesser attractions and use them early in the day and then hope to grab more later in the day. (but my TP often times tells me to skip using the FPP when I plug it in saying that it really isn’t needed for that attraction). And then hope they add those headliners at the times suggested throughout the day.

  2. Only grab 1 FPP for a better attraction and use it before noon and hope to grab more later in the day.

  3. Grab FPP for better attractions even though I can’t use them until evening which puts me out of luck if the parks do a FP dump for the headliners throughout the day.

Thank you for your thoughts…

At 30 days I would grab 3 fast passes unless you are planning on hopping to another park (then I might make less FPs with a plan to grab the others at the 2nd park that day). My general rule is to always FPs the attractions I would be sad if I missed.


I did 30 days on my last trip - my strategy was to RD the headliner if it was a priority and then use early FPPs (before 1) for rides I wanted to ride with plans to pick up and modify as the day went on.

Remember, you can always modify if something becomes available. Even if you already have three booked.


To modify, do you drop one first and then add the new one? And how would you see any new ones? When I go to the add Fast Pass section of “my experiences” it won’t show me anything available because I have 3 FPP bookes.

That is what I did for my first 2 days so far. I wondered if this was the best solution.

Going from memory here so someone chime in if I’m not wrong or if something has changed since this past summer…

When you are looking at what you have booked, look for the modify option. It will then show you other available times for the ride you have booked along with other available attractions and times.

The only place this gets a little weird it with tiers. To see tier one options you need to be modifying a tier one fastpass.

Your existing fastpass will stay in tact unless you make a selection and confirm the change.


Make whatever FPPs you can ahead of time for early in the day, even if TP says you may not need them. In a tiered park, if you don’t hop, you can’t get anymore Tier 1 FPPs unless you “use” 2 Tier FPPs. You can always tap in and not go or you might find that you really enjoyed the Tier 2 attraction you had no intentions to do.

  1. If the park opens earlier, Disney will release more FPPs. Get onto MDE as soon as you know Disney is opening earlier. That’s how I got my SDD and 7DMT. I modified TOT for SDD and BTMR for 7DMT.

  2. SDD. On Wednesday, December 18th, we used all three FPPs, even Muppets (because we wanted to be inside and warm on this very cold day!) before noon. We picked up a ToT SDD at 12:01 and another ToT SDD at 1:31. At the 12:01 drop, there were SDD and RNR but they were for late in the afternoon and we wouldn’t been able to use them in time for another SDD. at the 1:31 drop, there was also TSM.

  3. Keep on checking MDE. People change their minds and cancel FPPs. On Thursday, December 19th, I had to cancel all the FPPs I made in advance for HS for Friday, December 20th because I had to switch our days around in order to go watch the rocket launch. On Thursday, December 19th, I made new FPPs for HS for Monday, December 23rd, which included FPPs for 4 for RNR for like 8:45 AM. But I had trouble getting in my both of my Tier 2s before 1 PM and we had CG ADR for 5:05.

  4. RD the ones that are important to you. SDDs are not a guarantee. We RDed FOP on Monday, December 16th. There were no SDDs that day.

  5. Be creative, even if Disney puts you into a box. After Day 1 (Tuesday, December 17th) in Epcot, my family decided they wanted a different group of FPPs than I had reserved for Day 2 (Sunday, December 22nd) in Epcot. :rage:

DS19 wanted MS and TT. But I wasn’t willing to give up FEA for TT. I got MS for like 8 PM. That day, DH and DS did SB for TT and loved it. That day, I gave up LWTL for an earlier Nemo, which we just tapped in. As only parents would do, DH and I modified our MS FPP for Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival FPP (We were still holding on to 2 MS FPP.). DH and DS actually like this and enjoyed the Festival a 2nd time. So, at the 1:31 drop, I was able to pick up 2 FPPs for TT late in the day. So, by 1:31, we had 2 FPP for MS and 2 FPP for TT.

They changed MDE a bit. I can’t see that screen anymore because I don’t have active tickets. This is what I remember.

There are TWO modify buttons.

Click on a ride you want to modify. There is a modify option right under the ride and another modify option to the right of the time you have the FPP. If you click on the modify under the ride, it will show you all the FPP options. If you click on the modify option to the right of the time you have the FPP, you will only see FPP options for that ride.


You can’t add, if you already have 3 FPP. But you can modify. Nothing changes, unless you confirm.

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Cjandres I agree with 100%