FPP in MK or HS on last day of Frozen?

Originally I made FFP for MK on 9/28 because we were going to be there for the entire day (maybe hop to HS for F!). But now that they’ve extended Frozen through the 28th, we want to take advantage of that as well, and arrive early enough to enjoy it/not miss out.

So, my question–do I give up my MK FPP (7DMT not till 4:45-5:45 and can’t change it) and make three FPP for later in the day at HS? FYI–MK crowd predicted to be a 1 (woohoo!).

Also–Is the singalong part of FPP? Is there a way to see FPP options/availability in HS before dumping my MK FPP? I tried “Want to Make Selections for a New Day”, but backed out when pop-up said something like, Changes will be made for (names in party). I don’t exactly trust the “no changes will be made until confirmed.”

I tried “Change Experience or Time” but it only lets me work within MK. I wish there were more FPP “viewing screens” and more “don’t worry, we won’t dump your whole day” reassurances.

So FPP for MK or HS on 9/28?


Sorry I missed this yesterday. I hope my comment will bump it higher in the “latest” queue so that a few others can chime in.

As for the FPP choices, I personally would keep the MK FastPasses and focus on the Frozen things in the evening at Hollywood Studios. But I don’t really enjoy either the Tower of Terror or Rock 'n Roller Coaster. If you have another day at HS, maybe you could do rides on that day and just enjoy the atmosphere and extra Frozen stuff during this one evening?

I don’t know the answer to your question about the Frozen singalong. I don’t think it’s part of FPP, but I could be wrong. People have posted things that indicate you sign up for a time just like when people sign their kids up for Jedi Academy. I don’t want to lead you astray with something I know little about though.

I hope this helps!

Thanks! I ended up dumping the MK day and picking up early evening FPP in HS (no TSMM, of course). The Frozen singalong is a tier 2 FPP choice (starting Sept 2), but I could only pick from morning/early afternoon shows or the last one. I took the last one. Will be a rush to get a spot for the fireworks, but hopefully it won’t be unbearably crowded. I’m glad I got the FP for the singalong. I’m betting those will be gone soon enough.

If we decide to stay in MK, it looks like I could add back pretty much what we had, minus the 7DMT, which was a late one we were going to have to miss anyway to make the Frozen events.

Too much stress! :smile:


I’m glad you came up with a workable plan. Thanks for the details. I should pay more attention to the HS Frozen stuff. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if there will still be day-of tix available for frozen singalong like there is now, or will one have to waste a fpp on it or have to wait in a long line for it?

By all accounts, the ticket system was great. No hassle, no long lines, good availability, fit it right into one’s tp.

Now one must waste a fpp on it in September?