FPP Hack

Listening to the current WDW today. Should have realized that in instances where one band is scanned for the group (crowded days), it’s possible to circle back around w the other band.

Good tip, though if it’s not as crowded when you go back only 1 person would be able to ride!

They’re not still doing that, are they? If they are, anyone who’d like to get a 4th FP is screwed. Rather than just waiting until they’ve used the 3rd FP, they’d have to wait until after that 3rd FP’s window has expired. The system was never designed to have only one person scan their band for their entire party, and CMs using that little shortcut are not doing the right thing.

Understand they do it to releave bottle necks. They did it across attractions and parks a few weeks ago. Had no idea this hack was possible until Len mentioned it on the Podcast. Good point that one should insist on scanning the third. Doubt CM’s would mind.

Is there a link to this hack and how it works? Thanks!

Oh wait. I get it. NVM :slight_smile:

I’d be too chicken to try it. I can see the scenario:

  1. Ride 7DMT, scan my band, DD & I get on.
  2. Try to ride again while having them scan DD’s band. They scan mine too. BUSTED!!