FPP Friends and Family Question

Making FPP in a week. When I go to First, Select Family and Friends, only my DD and I show up; but, we are APs. The rest of my family shows under My Family and Friends and tickets linked. Will they just show up in the “First, Select Familty and Friends” at 60 days? When I made FPPs in April everyone in my party showed up in the main FPP screen, you just couldn’t go out past 60 in the calendar. I’m thinking this has changed. But, before I’m panicking at the 60 day mark when no one is showing up, someone please confirm. Thanks!

What tickets do the rest of the family have? If they have tickets as part of a hotel package, then they don’t have tickets yet, thus they are not currently eligible for FP+. Only at 60 days will their tickets become “real” and they’ll be able to book FP+.

I just experienced this. If you have a room package like Magic My Way, then they won’t show up until midnight EST at the start of day 60. I could never practice making FP. My name and the names of my linked friends in other rooms were all grayed out until that moment. The friend who booked room-only and a separate ticket was visible before that.

Thanks Mr. Itty and SallyEppcot. The answer to both of your questions is yes. We have 4 people with package tickets and 1 with a ticket added on to a room only pkg. I thought, that they wouldn’t show up until 60. My concern is they are not even showing up grayed out. Maybe I’d better call. I don’t want freak out at 11 pm central at the 60.

I think it’s OK. Now that I think of it, My name showed up, but my friends who have packages didn’t show up at all. Sorry. I forgot that part.

They all arrive a day later than I do, so they didn’t even show up when I made my own FP at midnight. They appeared the next day, which was their day 60, and I was easily able to copy them to my FP choices. I hope this helps.

Okay. That helps a lot. I won’t worry about it then because everything else looks like they’re set up. Thanks!

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