FPP for Soarin or Test Track?

Between Soarin and Test Track, which should I do at rope drop and which should I obtain a FPP for?

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It depends on a few things. I tend to travel solo so usually get a FPP for Soarin’ and do the single ride liner for Test Track. That being said, Test Track does have more of a tendency to break down and/or close during rain so the other option would be to do Soarin’ at Rope Drop and then use your FPP for Test Track.

RD Test Track and FPP Test Track …Soarin needs a referb …Kids agree …

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I’m planning on rd TT and FPP soarin’. Purely because soarin is slower to load so I’m thinking lines build more quickly?

Soarin at RD and TT via FPP. TT breaks down quite often and if it happens to be down during your return time, they will honor your FPP later on in the day. Would stink to hit TT at RD and it be down. By then, too late to head over to Soarin and walk on.

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I’d rope drop Test Track and FPP Soarin. If I have to wait in one of the queues for a short time, then there’s more to look at in line for Test Track. Folks who mention Test Track breaking down more often are correct, so you are taking a small chance that you could be delayed, miss the ride entirely, or end up in the single rider line.

In April, we did Soarin at RD, rode LWTL, ate breakfast at Sunshine Seasons then headed to Sum of All Thrills before line was too long. Then around 10:30 we used FPP for TT and rode again in single rider line. Worked well.

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I would RD TT and FPP Soarin’.

I’m also in the RD TT and FPP Soarin’ camp.

Last week we FPP Test Track and rode Soarin at rope drop then went straight to test track hopped in stand by before our FPP time so we could ride TT twice before the lines got long.

I just did all my FPP selections and looks like I did it backwards for Epcot is I read this

I thought I heard that RD Soarin was better as TT goes down more?

Rope drop? Who highjacked @MDU’s account! Fess up

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TT on a Fri was 25 min wait 30 min after the park opened. Wish we had ridden it then!! By 4pm it was 50 min wait. Husband and daughter waited the 50 min. Mom (me) went to get an iced coffee, lazed around, walked back to meet family, hopped in the single rider line and was on TT in 8 min. Consider splitting up and riding separately as single riders get on really quickly, almost like having a FP. And it’s an awesome ride! FAST and wild. (ps don’t waste time designing a car if you’re in single rider and you just don’t care. I touched my card to the reader as I was getting in the car and it gave me a default design).
I was happy to have FP for Soarin though. I would rope drop TT and FP Soarin.

Let me modify this statement a bit… If I’m solo, I FPP Soarin; and do TT at RD; if the SB line has gotten long, I’ll go single rider. If DW is with me, I do the opposite; DW and I don’t like to split up to do single rider, and to us, TT isn’t worth much more than a 15 min wait…

I agree 100%. Most posts say to Rope Drop TT, but i have seen it not open on time/break down too often. But hey, my Rope Drop will be easier at Sorin if everyone else gets a FP for it!

Question: When is TT most likely to be broken? Seems it would be most “in shape” at Rope Drop. No?

RD has it’s own set of problems; if during boot-up and start-up checks, if an issue is found that has to be resolved, it can delay the opening. For TT, even a 10 min late opening can result in a 50-60 min line building RAPIDLY

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