FPP for groups with different checkin dates

Okay we have several families going to WDW 9/28-10/5. We are checking in on 9/26 and therefore our FPP window opened yesterday and the rest open tomorrow.

I booked FPP for everyone yesterday and now those that have current or expired AP’s are getting emails that their FPP are going to be canceled. Can I not book for the rest of them since it is more than 60 days before they checkin. Is the policy that Disney will actually cancel them or?


They’ll be fine, their FPs will stay, especially if their 60 day window opens up within a couple of days.

Great thank you!

Goes without saying, keeep an eye on the FPs.

I mean, could they be deleted? Sure.

But when they have been deleting them, they firstly give you a couple of days grace to book and secondly they have rarely cancelled FPs for days that fall during actual onsite stays.

I agree with @Nicky_S they should stay. Just make sure that everyone’s tickets are showing correctly and that your accommodation is still showing on your MDE.

Also, just in case, for you to umbrella people in to your 60 day window, you have to be on the same fastpass with them. So if you moved yourself off anything that would be a legitimate concern.