FPP for frozen or ress for crystal palace

absolute must have FPP? I have one picked for frozen because I know its hard to get, but its also on a day that I have a res for the crystal palace, kinda hard to be in 2 parks at once. Is the frozen ride a really hard one to get? should I keep it and cancel crystal palace or should I try to just ride it when I get there standby?

Are you going to be in Epcot another day? Can you try and get it for then?

It is one of the harder ones to get, but not impossible.

I am. I actually picked test track for my tier one on that day.

Can you single rider test track, and FP Frozen?

If FEA is super important to your party, I would keep that FPP and I would set up res finder to get a new CP that works better with your plans.


Because Frozen Ever After is located in Norway, people visiting or eating there are bound to try to see it. Stand by line are generally long. People seem to go nuts to see it but to me it really is not worth the wait or FP. The Frozen Sing Along in HS is so much better and your family will love it. It’s not really a sing along per say but more a comedy show.

I’ve never seen the movie Frozen and I know very little about it.

But I booked the dessert party at Epcot last year and that included a ride on Frozen with no waiting.

I had no expectations — if anything I thought it would probably be a bit rubbish. I was pleasantly surprised. It was quite fun and attractively done. I’m planning on riding it again this year. Personally I prefer it to, say, Pirates. No doubt others would disagree.

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Yep, your right I disagree but then again I love the Pirates movies and can’t get enough of the ride. Maybe it’s because I am not Norweign, but I found the ride only slightly better than it’s previous form. The ride itself is basically the same with only the scenes having changed to a Frozen theme. For the wait time it just wasn’t worth the wait. Now I suppose if you are Norweign it would be a must see but I really believe that the Frozen Sing-Along is much better. Everyone to there own though. On Yes if you haven’t seen the Frozen movie you should really do that as it is one of Disney’s best.

Can’t stand them!

The shocking truth is that I’m not all that interested in Disney movies in general!

I did like Toy Story (if that counts) and Avatar (surely that doesn’t count). I watched the live action Beauty and the Beast on the plane over to Florida last year and thought it was OK.

But — with the exception of Family Guy — I’m not really into cartoons. And I don’t see Disney building Family Guy Land any time soon! (But I’d be really excited if they did!)

I don’t even like Star Wars so I’m not too bothered about Galaxy’s Edge — which is just as well because I suspect the hotel (which admittedly does sound cool) will be way out of my price league.

Personally I would not do Frozen in standby - the lines are pretty much always over an hour and that’s a lot longer than I’m willing to wait for any attraction. Saying that, Frozen Fastpasses aren’t as hard to come by as they once were, so I would keep trying for a day that works better for you.

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I could, although I already have my fastpasses picked for that day. Maybe it could be my fourth fast pass, after I use the others

I wouldn’t bank on getting it as a 4th FP. Easier to get TT or Soarin on the day than FEA, by far.

How about trying to switch the dining eservation instead? You could use the reservation finder to help.