FPP for FoF Parade

Worth it?

Where does that put you?

it depends. the last time i was there for the May parade, it was located directly in front of the castle in the circle of the hub. It's a fantastic spot for pictures and to see the parade. HOWEVER, there is NO SHADE. and on a hot day, it was horrible. So worth it will be subjective to that in my opinion.

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The FPP is in the center hub, facing the castle. I have done this twice and love the location. There is no shade, however. I would say it depends on when you will be there and expected crowd levels to decide if it is worth it to you. If you are going during lower crowds, I would save the FPP.

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kind of mind melding there... lol

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I love a good mind meld! wink

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Not worth it. No shade. Ties up your 4th FPP until after the parade.

Would you say it’s worth it on a high level day (9-10)?

Personally, I’d think that there’s less and less value for higher crowds. Possible to get a couple/few more FPPs beyond the initial 3 by the time the parade rolls around. Plus it’s possible to get a good viewing spot for the parade (frontierland for example) w minimal wait.