FPP for DHS on March 19th Recommendations

I will be going to DHS on March 19th, (there will be 3 in our group), and I was curious to get your opinions on which FPP I should try for! The plan right now is to get there an hour and a half before opening (It’s a CL 10 day, and we like to be first lol) and go straight to MF:SR and stay in Star Wars area for a few hours. So my questions are as follows:

  1. What are wait times like for high crowd level days in the early morning for MF:SR?
  2. With this plan in mind, should we go for a different FPP in that tier, or should we try to get a MF:SR FPP anyway just in case?

I want to plan as efficiently as possible, but I also definitely don’t want to miss anything Star Wars! Thanks in advance

I was there early last Saturday on a day that was CL10 for the parks. SW:GE was pretty much wall to wall people from rope drop until 6PM. Make sure that you make reservations for Oga’s Cantina, and maybe the droid workshop or lightsaber building if it’s in your budget. There is a LOT to see in the area, and MF:SR gets a long wait right away, but if you’re there 90 min before you should have a very reasonable wait, as long as its running first thing in the morning. We didn’t feel like we got to see much of Batuu, because every inch of wall was basically covered by people. If your schedule allows, maybe plan on doing a couple hours on Batuu in the morning, and going back in the evening?

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Thank you! In terms of when MF:SR is operating, is it common for it not to be running first thing in the morning? Or is it pretty much always open when they let people into SWGE?

Last week was particularly bad for morning ride closures I think (someone else with more trips under their belt can perhaps confirm?), so I would think you should be ok right away.

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