FPP for BOG ending?

What’s the scoop? Everyone on lines is having trouble booking a FPP for lunch after the date 10/31. Would love to know what is happening as I was planning on this for upcoming trip and could not get bog adr

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I just tried to log in because today (Wednesday 10/8) is day 27 for the day I wanted to do this, and I got this message.

“We apologize for any inconvenience. Please stop by the Magic Kingdom® Service Center as soon as you arrive to the park for assistance logging in to the website or selecting an arrival window and preordering your meal.”

It’s the first time I’ve seen this particular message, so they must be changing something.

I saw on WDW Prep schools FB yesterday that they’d heard the FPP program for BoG was ending and would no longer be available after 10/31. Of course until we hear something official it doesn’t mean a whole lot.

I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if they ended. They must have caught on to the fact that tons of bookings were being made without actual invites.

All Ears posted a message this AM saying BOG lunch is FPP only for the time being. No details at all- it was a really weird announcement.

I would keep trying until there is an official announcement. In the summer the site did not open until about 10 days before a date and there were lots of rumours that it was finishing. The message you got was the same as the one in the message above.


Saw a blog post today saying only FPP for BOG until further notice. Confused now.

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I know! It is very confusing! I’m going to keep checking, because my TP for 11/4 will work better with a lunch FP, but I’m sure I’ll adjust if they end up not available. Maybe they’re going to FP only, but not releasing them until 7 days in advance. I actually think that would be a huge improvement. It must be very frustrating for people get the invitation email only to find that they’re all gone because people got them at 27 days.

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FYI News! Be Our Guest Restaurant Currently Serving Only FastPass+ Guests, No Walk-Ups | the disney food blog

I hear that after October 31, BoG will be FP+ only, and it’ll count as 1 of your 3 advance FPs (or a day-of, if you can swing it). So 2 attractions + 1 restaurant.

Oh that stinks. Glad we decided on dinner there instead of lunch.

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Oh man. I agree with @Outer1. That does stink! I don’t mind making a FP in advance for it, but I don’t want to give up an attraction for it.


So how would that work? Are they just going to sneak it in to the fastpass choices?

Putting it in the FPP choice would make sense.

On a personal note, the food is not worth it nor is the experience. It’s neat to see, but it still feels like a over designed cafeteria.

So, what’s the strategy now? If BOG lunch is a must and if your visit is after 10/31, then FPP is the only way to go? No 27 days prior anymore starting today (since 10/31 is already within 27)?

It sounds like it might show up among the regular FP choices. It will be interesting to see if that happens, and how it will work. Hopefully someone will post here when/if they see it appear as an option. I’m not willing to give up any of my attractions FPs for it, so I’m making other plans for lunch.

Yeepers, have been watching the BOG lunch Fastpass info like a hawk since our 27 day window was coming up. Really wanted to get in there, since it was the only location we found so far where our kids could have a “real” dessert due to their nut allergies. (As of last summer, all of the desserts at BOG were done in their own kitchen and not outsourced, and no nuts used in anything.)

Kids were so psyched - never had a dessert together when dining out before and we all shared the various cupcakes. But don’t think any of us are up for burning a regular Fastpass+ on lunch if that info is correct.

Our other first was having “ice cream” out together in the form of the Dole Whip products, so guess we’ll have to double up on those. :wink:

This is getting crazy. Why aren’t we allowed to wait in line for lunch if we want?

Soooo, as of right now, according to mainstreetmouse, If you want lunch at BOG, you must have a FPP or wait in the two limited standby times of 10-10:30 and 2-2:30. If you want dinner, you continue to try to make an ADR. Is this correct?

Also, during these limited standby windows, Are you waiting to be seated or waiting to get a return time?

Thank you for the clarifying…I’ve been so confused.

Would take everything w a grain of salt unless WDW makes an official announcement.

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Hmmm…this will be interesting to see what happens. BOG was the one place my DD wanted to eat, but I couldn’t get an ADR even at 180 days at 6am. So I have been stalking the BOG FP sites hopes of getting lunch there. I will definitely be following along in hopes of knowing what to do when we go in mid-November. We don’t mind standing in line (if that is still an option) but it frustrates me to not know what is best :frowning: