FPP+ FOP gone 60+ days out

Over 60 days out and FPP+ is gone for FOP…that sucks…do they ever open more up? What are the odds if I keep checking that I will find one open?

If you keep checking, you can almost always find anything you want. That might mean spending 45-60 mins modifying and looking again over and over, but people have been finding them, even on the day.

Thanks…I’ll keep checking…I didn’t realize that I could book the whole week from the first day that is 60 days out…I thought I’d have to do some each day so I wasn’t too worried about getting up early this morning…:frowning:

If it’s any consolation, even at 7 on the dot they are difficult to get. I’m sure you’ll find some though.

At about day 55 a bunch opened up for my trip. There have also been post on chat that I think they have been loading more day of for night time Touring.

I don’t know if this is a silly question, but how are you checking availability 60 days out?

If you stay onsite you can book 60 days out from your check-in date for the whole length of your stay.

Sounds like today is OP’s 60 day mark, so they will be able to see 70 days, or more, ahead.

But it only opens up to 60 days on the day you can start making them. Until then you will only be able to see 30 days ahead.

"If you stay onsite you can book 60 days out from your check-in date for the whole length of your stay. "

This would have been great to know. I was unaware of this little tidbit until this morning. I thought it was 60 days period (in other words I thought I’d have to book different times all week). Hopefully something opens up on one of the days we plan to be at AK. I have everything else that I wanted to get.

I just had a similar experience, so I’ll be stalking AK park hour changes, in hopes that if they change that some more FPP will come available! I did get FoP later in my trip, but after riding the attraction during previews, I want to go back as often as possible.

Anybody done a rope drop on FOP? The touring plan says only a 33 minute wait if we rope drop, that’s acceptable…Not perfect, but acceptable…are those times pretty accurate by what people are seeing? We are going to be there the first week of October if that helps.

If you’re there and through bag check and the tapstiles by an hour before RD, probably. After that the wait will increase very quickly.

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We arrived at AK just after rope drop in early June for FOP. The line started creeping back to Africa, but they opened the attraction, and it moved pretty well after that. 35-40 minutes total wait time. But as missoverexcited noted, the wait increases quickly after that.

I checked at 7am exactly for day 3 of my trip (so 63 days from the day I was searching). No FPP for FOP. I have been checking every day several times a day. Still nothing yet. Sounds like a lot of us might be at RD for our AK days.

I have two different days with Extra Magic hours that we can hit AK at 8:00AM and then head to the park we plan to spend the day at so I have some options if a FastPass cannot be secured.

[quote=“theyarbroughfam, post:10, topic:36936”]
Anybody done a rope drop on FOP?[/quote]

Josh from easywdw has chronicled a couple Animal Kingdom mornings this summer. Things should settle down a bit in the fall, but if they don’t change drastically, then it sounds like you need to be near the front of the line at RD. If you have bags, then a lot of people in the no bag line will get through before you, so you’ll need to be one of the first people in a bag check line long before the park opens.

If you’re not near the front of the line, then you’ll wait just as long at RD as you would later in the day + you’ll miss out on short waits for everything else in the park.

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And to be near front of line at ropedrop you need to be there one hour before rope drop

When rope drop was 8am a couple of weeks ago we arrived 7.40am and we got on FOP at 9.15am

Having tried to run to get to the queues

Longest queues ive ever seen

And when I asked they said it’s like this every morning and not just EMH mornings

So get there early

That sounds like a good idea. We have 1 park day planned for AK, no park hoppers. I moved around park dates some time ago to get the RoL dining package (now having difficulty rescheduling some ADRs). So I think our AK day is set. I am stressing the need to arrive an hour before RD.

I changed my plans around and found some FPP+ for FOP available on the Friday we’re there. All I need is my T-Rex reservation to show back up on that Wednesday and we’re golden.

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