FPP fail

Well I realized I messed up my FPP date by one day thinking it was tonight at midnight and it was last night at midnight. Thankfully I was up with my DD in the night and realized it at 3am. I got on MDE and no FP for 7DMT any of the times we will be in MK. So disappointed, it said stand by only. And had gone in thinking I could get them in order (ex. 2pm, 3pm, 4pm) but every time it was much more spread out. I feel like I just took whatever for each park.
What is my best plan now? To plug in to TPs and see how it all looks? Since I couldn't get 7DMT I used them at AK our first park of the day. Will I ever be able to check and see if any have opened without canceling all of my AK ones first?

Yes! You will be fine. It's much less inflexible than you imagine. We are here now and this is what I would do in your situation:

  1. Check daily for any SDMT. Yes, you can check without losing your initial ones. If you don't get one, try first thing in the am or when it's raining but not closed. It was only 35 minutes two days ago in the rain.

  2. Make touring plans and see what they recommend for fpp. You should be able to move yours around/change them to match up this far out for most things. We got RnR late in the day twice so don't panic!

Good luck.


Sorry that you didn't get 7DMT. @AliceInChicagoland gave great advice so I have nothing else to add. I agree that you should try daily when you are there. It's possible that some will open up. Will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Thank you both @AliceInChicagoland and @kellymouse5 for the encouragement. How can I check the availability if it is in a different park from the ones I have? I am not seeing it. I feel a little better, thank you.

Oh I'm sorry it didn't work out. Keep checking. It's a lot like ADRs in that people cancel when they decided to switch parks for the day. When we went in Feb, FP+ was still pretty new, but it seemed like they released a bunch the night before. I don't remember how you check availability in different parks. Maybe someone with more recent experience can chime in.

I don't know the answer to that as I have only made changes to the same park. Hmm.

Check touringplans.com for info on this too. They say that if you go to 7DMT first at RD, you don't need a FPP anyway. And yes, they seem to release a bunch in the first hour of park opening. Hang in there but it will work out. And you can keep playing with times. This is best on a desktop computer or laptop for maximum flexibility. MDE app is extremely limited in its functionality.

A situation was like this on chat last night. Can others see something I can't? Please help! Vanellope, you used your FPP for AK? How can she check FPP in a second park? Won't she get the message she already has FPP , or just show her choices in AK?

Sounds like me.... My alarm didn't wake me up so I also missed out on the 7dmt fpp but....... I kept looking everyday and found one that opened up about a week later! Keep trying!!!

There's a 7dmt available for Sunday 2nd. Or at least I could select it for that day. Which days are you looking for? Also, if you haven't got the times you would like, you can go back in and amend times. I had to do this quite a few times so that it fitted in with my touring plan. Takes a while, but is worth it to get the times you need.

Yes @PrincipalTinker, I used them at AK even though I wanted to use at 4,5 and 6 at MK but if no 7DMT at all for that day so I thought better to use them at the first park than not at all. I will try on the computer (have only used the app) and see if I can check if something opens without losing my back up plan.

@BigPetesWife I saw that for the 2nd but we are only in MK until lunch and then off to HS. We are doing RD that day though so we will just do it then. Our MK times are Oct. 31 4 through party, Nov. 2 am until early afternoon and Nov. 3 after dinner at Ohana. That's the plan right now anyway. smile

Since you made your FPPs for AK you can't check if it opens up at MK right? I just checked my EP FPs. I can only change the times or I can change to another attraction at EP. I cannot see MK.

Thanks! I will cancel them since I wasn't planning to have them anyway.

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