FPP DHS and Options . .

Long post, but interested in opinions -

Starting Facts:

Purchased 7 Day PH passes for a week-long trip last September. Irma = cancelled trip. Rescheduled for this summer, BUT decided to extend trip a few days this summer.

So, planning on adding a couple more days to the 7 day tickets, but need to do that after we activate them.

FPP day is quickly approaching. I can only make advance FPP reservations for 7 days, but planning to do 9 days in parks total.


Park Day 9 is going to be a split MK/Epcot day and I wasn’t going to make Advanced FPP for that day. I figure when I arrive and upgrade the tickets, I will be about a week out from that day and I can grab some FPP from whatever is available - it will be fine.

However, I had planned to also skip the advanced FPP for our second Epcot day, which will be a little more World Showcase focused and, instead get advanced FPP reservations for Park Day 1 at DHS.


The only rides at DHS my family is really set on doing which may require a FPP are: TSMM, ST, and - MAYBE ToT. The rest of that day will be shows (with DD 9 and DD5). This will be a short touring day anyway. Not staying for any evening activities.

SO, would it make more sense to skip FPP for this day? Hit the shows (do they really need FPP?), hit ST if I can get a same day FPP, etc. I could use the Advanced FPP instead for our second day at EPCOT and get FPP for another ride on Frozen or Soarin or something at Epcot instead (DD5 LOVES Frozen).

Thoughts on braving a day at DHS with no advanced FPP? Are they needed for the shows? Thoughts on if TSMM FPP will even be available by the end of May?

Any guidance appreciated!!!