FPP - changes? Or just sold out?

I just made my midnight 60 days plus reservations. All went smoothly, but there were a couple of attractions that were gone right away. Anna and Elsa I expected to have a hard time getting, but I was surprised that others like Primeval Whirl at AK, as well as the Festival of Fantasy parade were also unavailable. Could this indicate that they are no longer going to be FPP attractions? Or are these just way more popular than I thought? I had no problems getting 7DMT, even on my first day.

It seems like parades, fireworks quite often don’t open up at 60 days. I can’t believe that Primeval Whirl would be all gone so maybe that’s the same. Unless it’s down for a refurb?

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Agreed, these are not so popular that they would be gone at 60 days. PW I would expect to still see availability same day, tbh. My guess is that it will be down of a scheduled refurb.

I should have also mentioned that I don’t think it’s closed because for PotC the message was different - “this ride is down for refurbishment on this date” or something like that. It made me wonder if certain attractions are no longer going to be FPP options, but I will probably keep trying. PW is not a popular attraction, but it’s my son’s favorite ride in all the parks, so I like to get a FP for it :smile:

Agree that parade FPPs don’t always populate at 60 days; keep trying. PW is more of a mystery. It could be that they are “considering” a refurb for it (but haven’t made it “official” yet) and don’t want to issue FPPs that they will later have to “recall”. I can’t remember the last time PW has had a major refurb, so it doesn’t seem like it would be out of the question…

Or maybe there will be 600 middle-school kids in the park that day and they really ARE all gone… :slight_smile:

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