FPP bookings and Trip Date Changes

Currently we’re booked split stay POR Nov 13-16, DVC Rental VWL Nov 16-23. BUT we may have to cancel the Nov 13-16 POR if DH can’t come. :frowning:
My questions:

  1. At 60 days before Nov 13, can I book FPP for the whole trip?
  2. If I go ahead and book our FPP for the whole trip, then we have to cancel the Nov 13-16 (at a later date, well within our 60 day window from VWL), will I lose all of our FPP?
  3. If this kind of booking is possible, then is the whole FPP system open for exploitation if you book an extra week at a value resort before your actual trip start to get early FPP access, then cancel your value resort last minute?
    Thanks team.
  1. I’m told you can book all FPPs for split stay RO trips. Will find out tonight. Don’t know if DVC is treated differently from reg resort booking though.
  2. I was told yes you’ll lose them, but other Liners have said they stay if canceled under the 30 day mark. However, with the split stay, I’d hope they’d make an exception. I’d call and ask, TBH.
  3. Absolutely. I heard this discussed on a podcast. That’s why I hope I’m right on #2.

@PianoMinnie’s info sounds right to me. I think part of your success will also depend on the type of tickets you have. The start date for booking FP at 60 days is linked to the room reservation but the number of days of FP you can book is tied to the ticket you have linked.

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