FPP booking window

So we have a Booking for 4 nights over Christmas at All Star Music, which we booked through a UK travel agent, this is linked to My Disney Experience. Today I received our theme park ticket through a UK ticket agent so it’s one of the special 14 day UK tickets, and these are now added to MDE.

Now my question is when going into MDE I am able to book FPP over the next 30 (why i would I’m not sure as i won’t be there!) but will the window open at 60 days from the hotel booking?

I just got conceded that the 60 day deal only worked if you have booked the hotel and ticket as a package? I’m probably just getting over excited 66 days till we get to Universal and 69 till Disney!

Thanks for all help

Your FPPs should open up 60 days prior to check in date. So in about 9 days you’ll be able to make your FASTPASSes. Good luck!!!

To get the 60 day window, you must be staying on-site and have a ticket linked to MDE. It sounds like you do. Having a “package” isn’t necessary. Not sure why it’s allowing you to book fp during times you will not be there… But, yes your window will open at 60 days from your check-in date. Happy travels!

Thanks all, this is what I’d assumed but then I started to doubt myself, it’s so good to hear all is good.

You’ll be good. We’re in the uk too and when that 60 days hits FPP just opens up, like a piece of Disney magic.

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No package required for the 60 day window. I’m renting DVC points from a friend, I have a FL resident AP, and I bought US militarty tickets for my DW. I entered all 3 into DME, and when the first day of my trip hit 60 days, the whole trip opened up (in your case, the first 10 days of your trip will open up). Anyone with any tickets linked to their account can book in a 30 day window (the systen has no idea what day you may start using them). In fact, if you’ve never made any FPPs, I recommend that you make “practice” ones somewhere during that 30 day window to get used to the steps - just remember to cancel them.