FPP + booking strategies + tips?

Hi all! My first forum post here... Tomorrow is my first time booking FPP. I'm nervous and kinda frustrated. I like to plan and be organized, but I hate having to book my entire trip around these fast passes. Question please: Can I book my passes at midnight or does it open in the morning of my 60 day? Any tips or tricks? Thanks everyone:)

I booked at midnight. I picked the most desirable FPP to go for first. For me I wanted Anna and elsa so I checked my ADRs, made a list of which parks and how we wanted to tackle things. I ended up choosing Wednesday of my week to do A&E so I loaded that day first. I picked three attractions and booked the earliest times I could from their prechosen three times. After I booked it I went back and moved the times around to what would work for our ADRs. Most still have availability to move times but A&E doesn't and didn't the morning after my 60 day.
I do have options for all other attractions to move times but most aren't ideal times for me. My friends that are going the same week checked 2 weeks after me and can't find 7 dwarves mine train.

Thanks Mrs. I smile I think in understand it all... I'm just trying to read and gather any and all info before I tackle it tomorrow. So...If I want 7DMT on my arrival day lets say at 1:30pm do you think I need to sign in tonight at midnight instead of waking up tomorrow am?

Hi @frischboyz! Nice to see you here! I posted this link before on the Liner Chat but just in case you didn't see it, I'll post it here again for you: http://wdwprepschool.com/how-to-make-fastpass-plus-reservations-and-order-magicbands/ I found that watching the actual video (even though it is 14+ minutes) was very helpful in visualizing the FPP process. I think that if you have your heart set on the 7DMT on your arrival day, you may not want to risk waiting until morning. That one and Anna and Elsa seem to go amazingly fast, so I've heard. Best of luck!


Thanks LoveBug53!! Im finally over on the forums. I'll check out that video.. I'm sure its worth it.

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I pop back and forth @frischboyz! smile I haven't made my FPP selections yet but I feel a bit more sure of myself and what to expect after going through that tutorial. Hope it helps you too!

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Hi @frisch tomorrow is my fpp booking day too. I just looked and it currently won't let me book beyond Aug 27th. I'm assuming tomorrow it will open up for me. Not sure if I really want to wake up at midnight or just wait til I can do it sometime during the day. Not booking some of the more popular fpp but would like to be able to book certain times. Good luck tomorrow

Thx Tinkermcqueen! I was up at midnight and got everything I wanted:) I was not able to get seven dwarfs mine on my arrival day but I got it two other times throughout my trip! So happy with my time frames and my passes!! 😊😊😊😊. How did you make out?

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