FPP booking question. SIAP

Sorry if already posted but I have read and checked and found conflicting info so here goes.

We have split stay essentially booked a package then added room only for 1 night on front of stay. Again I’ve read different things that contradict the other but can I book 60 days out from the room only stay at beginning ornit until package 60 day out next day? I have 7 day hoppers as part of the package for the 4 of us but also have 2 single day tix from previous trip linked as well.

Although sometimes it will allow you to book for your check in day, usually if your package starts on day 2, can can book starting at day 60 of your split stay but only book FPs starting on day 2. In other words, although your window opens on your room only day, you can only book FPs starting on check in day for your package.

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Ok thanks that makes sense. So if my FPP selection day was originally Oct 17 for package it now ipens up to book Oct16 but only for 1st day of original package stay correct?

Yes, you can see if it will allow you to book that first day. There was a report last week someone could, but I would not expect it to work.