FPP availablity

We decided to do a last minute trip over spring break in a couple of weeks. I was pulling together FPP today and 7DMT is not available on our MK day. What is the most efficient way to keep checking on whether that becomes available? Do I just need to choose “change attraction” and see if it’s on the list? Will it give me any other times available? I’m wanting to swap out at 7pm Space for a 2pm 7DMT. Will it still show up on that list if I choose “change attraction”?

On the touring plans website, there is a feature that lists available FP+. If you click on a specific park, there should be a green bar across the top, Click that and you will be asked for the date, then it will list what is still open and at what times. This is a bit behind the actual times left, but it may give you a good idea. Otherwise your suggestion is the best way to go that I know of.

Thanks. I will give that a shot.

You should definitely use the Dibbs site, which gives updated FP availability every 30 min. It will show you when something opens up, but in all likelihood you won’t get your first choice time. The available time will just be whatever someone just cancelled. Then you go into your Disney account and try to be the first one to grab it.

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THANK YOU! I logged into Dibbs and 7DMT was available and I was able to change it. Need to tweak my Touting plan a little but not a problem.

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wow, that was so lucky! I’m glad it worked out for you.