FPP availability CL10 for Grp9

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with booking FPP for group of 9 in July CL 9&10 at 30 days out, due to off site stay? Is it possible to purchase tickets through Visit Orlando site (5day) and book one night campground, then book FPP AT 60 days, when really staying off site if linked through MDE site? (Not looking to cancel campground, will pay that if it gives us 60 day FPP booking rights!)

I think you can. Don’t know if you can only book your FPP plus for 2 days or all your days. I’ve read about people booking a longer stay and then canceling after the 30 day window starts. Depends how much you want a FPP for FEA & 7DM.

A one night stay at a Disney resort gives you a 60 day window. At 60 days, you get check-in day, and check-out day. Say you check in on Monday, you get Monday and Tuesday. Then, 2 days later, you can book Wednesday, then the day after that, you can book Thursday, and so on for as many days as you have tickets.

I did something similar (1 night at POR and then 6 nights off-site), for a trip starting in less than 2 weeks(!!!), and availability for 7DMT and FEA was not good; I didn’t get either at T-60 days. I kept checking every few days, and I was able to get both of them eventually. However, mid-October is much lower crowds than July.