FPP availability changing in May

I don’t know what this means…it could just be an issue with The Dibb’s FP availability tool. But every couple days, I’ve checked to see what the shutdown has done for FP availability for our May trip dates (mostly as a form of masochism, I guess).

Anyhow, up until now, the availability has grown to be wide open…like, even SDD, SDMT, MMRR, and MFSR had availability listed.

But today, all that’s changed. Suddenly there is very little availability. Many rides are now listed as Standby only, and others that do have availability are showing evenings for 2 only, etc.

Now, this appears to be case all the way through May 31. But suddenly, on June 1, availability is WIDE open again.

It is almost like Disney is preparing to eliminate most (all?) FPs for May, but are leaving them intact for June? But then, why do they have ANY availability listed during this time period? Is Disney planning to be open in May, but with FP access severely limited or shutdown as part of reduced operation?

Curiouser and curiouser.

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Is it possible they are eliminating May FP only as guests cancel and drop them? But it’s a manual process so there is some availability during the gap between the cancellation and whenever some CM goes in and deletes the open ones?


I think things are just all wonky right now. Simple as that.

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I appreciate you putting it into technical terms! :wink:


Perhaps. I’m going to monitor this for the next couple days to see what changes.

I’m very good with technical language.

If you’re ever looking to know more about the thingamajig vs the whoosie-whatsie I can give you plenty of info on that too


Perfect! I needed a go-to person for this kind of thing! :slight_smile:

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I noticed the same yesterday. We still have a trip booked for May 5 - 9. Over past few weeks I had been able to make changes and move up times for all of our Fastpasses and was seeing great availability. As of yesterday, something changed. It is curious.

This has been reported in several places.

I think they’ve pretty much closed the FP system until the end of May.

I would bet on something like that. They cancelled all open FPs for May and now they periodically cancel whatever opens up (maybe a daily/hourly automated job?). Since there are people cancelling trips all the time, The Dibs sees whatever is drop before it is garbage collected.

There were large cheer leading competitions at WDW for that May time period. They have all post-poned or canceled which had likely opened up rooms and presumably fastpasses.

Also, Travel bans from Europe, so those folks are likely canceling.

Everything in our MDE is still there in mid-May: ADR, FP+, and Savi’s workshop.

I noticed today that the earliest date you can book a FastPass has changed to April 19. Until yesterday it was April 10.

WDW has removed hours for their parks until April 19, per their web site of park hours.

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I heard from a friend in the hotel biz on Sunday that Disney will not be taking any reservations until 6/1

Wouldn’t it make sense that they won’t be opening until then?

Absolutely. For me, with an early May trip booked that they have yet to cancel, I’m just fascinated with the process of how they are handling. For example, yesterday you could book a FP as early as April 10. Today that date has changed to April 19, yet like you said, that June 1 hotel res date is also out there. Plus the swings in FP availability that Ryan pointed out…

None of it matters if course… it’s just all extremely interesting to me.

Or people with May resort reservations have made their FPP reservations in hopes of the park being open by then. I know I made my reservations for during my mid-May park visit and have changed them a few times. I’ve been checking them several times a day for a few weeks now because I need to modify a couple and what I have seen is a gradual diminishing of FPP availability for those days, in a manner that I thought consistent with other people making their reservations as well, until they are nearly gone. But I have only been looking at Animal Kingdom. Do FPP reservations not usually get mostly booked up like that? Sorry, I’m new at all this.