FPP at Midnight

Getting nervous for A & E and 7DMT, is it possible that only one or two in my party will get FPPs if I don’t snag quick enough…even at midnight? This is for Xmas week so I know it will be busy and getting nervous.

I would say that it largely depends on the length of your trip. If you are saying for 8-10 days, there is a greater chance of availability in the last day or so of your trip. If your trip is shorter (even 5 or 6 days) it will be tough. We are going for 6 days in mid-November which is much less busy that X-mas (but is during free dining) and I was able to 7DMT for the second last day of our trip, but no A&E for any day(even trying single person searches).

I am confident that we will eventually get our A&E FPP, but I have to say that I am tired of looking daily. I know that there are pros and cons to the FPP system, but I am personally not a fan. Planning this trip has not been fun. If it’s not an amazing vacation, it’ll probably be a while before we visit again.