FPP at 60 days

So can someone explain the FPP in detail? I book it at the 60 day mark ( I am staying onsite for half of my week long trip). So I will wake up around 3am (Cali Time) on 60 days out. then i just pick the ones I want? at 60 days are there a lot of available? Do I get to pick the times or are they picked for me? Is it anything like maxpass on the west coast? Thanks! sorry for all the questions, i just want to be prepared! I really want to get the FOP and the 7Dwarves and I understand those will be the most difficult.

I need to ask you three questions: is your off site stay before or after your onsite stay? How many day tickets do you have? Are you sure that where you live is your hours in time difference from Disney? FPs open at 7:00am Disney time.

Now for some advice: I always have my days planned and the times I want to book my FPs and the order I want them in. You can only book them one at a time, in the same park. If for example you are booking HS you may decide you want RnR, ToT and ST. I would book STs at 5:00, RnR at 6:00, and ToT at 7:00 ( in this example I have gone to another park in the morning and I have saved my FPs- your plans may be completely different). You cannot overlap FP times so if you book ST at 5:05 you cannot book your next one until 6:05.

Remember, you cannot FP to a time that is blocked out by another attraction. In my example if I needed to move RnR to later I would move ToT to a morning time, then move RnR and finally move ToT to a time I have freed up.

Do your hardest days first!

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You log in. It will show all the people connected to your account. It will ask you to choose people who you are booking fp for. So you can choose 2 or 3 in group or there is a choice to select all. Then a calendar will come up to select date and then scroll down to select the park you are visiting on that date.
At this point it will show your choices. May just list two or three time options but you can click on “show more times “ and it will list all available
The headline rides are sometimes difficult. People recommend to try first for hard to get ones maybe scheduling the must do hard to get ones towards end of your trip and book those first.
FOP, 7 Drwarfs mine Tran , Frozen, and toy story are all ones that are hard to get even at 60 days out. So have some back up options ready in case.
Once you book them you can definitely tweak your schedule and check back if you don’t get one you really want, you may can luck up and get another time or another certain attraction at a later time. You then can modify your existing fp

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my onsite stay is first. i am staying for 7 days total. I am pretty sure Cali is 3 hours ahead of Florida :slight_smile:

thanks, I have a plan for what days I want FPP for because I already have ADR’s. So my Plan is to get the FPP’s for the parks on those days. Are you able to book most of your FPPs early in the day? that would be nice to free up the rest of the day

On our trip the first week in December the crowd level was 5 or 6. I was able to get everything we wanted except 7 dwarfs. I think our latest fp was 130. I was surprised at how few times were available on some. I definitely had to regroup a little bit because I didn’t get Times I originally wanted but I worked it into our plans Mk was our first park and those proved to be the most difficult to get. It was my first time with new fp+ so I hadn’t planned for not getting my first choices. I definitely would have alternate choices. We just rd the ones we couldn’t get fp for and that worked well with our plan. The fp process was pretty easy. Just be prepared with you list. Good luck and let us know how you come out

I always book early so I can get more.

Don’t panic if you don’t get exactly what you want. If you modify what you have booked, you’ll get lots more choices.

Try for FOP first, as late in your trip as possible ideally. I would say FEA next, then 7DMT.

You can go back and fill in the rest later.

Three hours behind right? 4:00 am for FPs? At day 60 if your tickets are not included in a package you can make FPs for your offsite stay.